Christ! The Beatles In Memphis

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The before-show press conference, backstage, Mid-South Coliseum. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  I'm a bit ashamed to say it's taken me this long to listen to something I've had on the shelf for a few years—the audience recordings of the Beatles' afternoon and evening shows at Memphis's Mid-South Coliseum, midway through their final tour. The evening show is the famous one: Near the end of "If I Needed Someone," the third song, a cherry bomb was thrown onstage and exploded. I remember reading that three teenagers, adolescent mischief-makers with no malign intent beyond literally making a noise, were detained by security. I [...]

The King Features’ version of "Tomorrow Never Knows"

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Robert Freeman's rejected cover for Revolver, 1966. A Tomorrow Never Knows cartoon? It happened. The Beatles cartoon is wince-worthy, for sure, but have a little sympathy for the animators. As the years passed, they had to shoehorn what The Beatles were becoming—that is, overtly weird-ass—into the family-friendly Fabs from 1964. After watching the clip below, the following scene popped into my noggin.... The time: June 1966.The place: Conference room "B" at King Features Syndicate, here in Southern California. There's acoustic tile. Fluorescent lights. Shitty coffee. At the west end of a grim metal table ringed by uncomfortable chairs, hangs a portrait of Snuffy [...]

Christmas Never Knows

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Just heard this on KLOS' Breakfast With The Beatles... As Kate and I perform the annual ritual—opening presents to The Beatles Christmas records—I will be thinking of the people who read this blog, and especially the ones who comment. Our conversations mean a lot to me. May you be strong, well, and happy this day, this week, and this year.

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Why I love John Lennon

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So okay, as many of you have noticed, I do an awful lot of armchair psychoanalyzing of John Lennon, sometimes not to his advantage. But as I was browsing YouTube tonight, I saw this press conference (I think LA, 1966) which reminded me why he's my all-time favorite guy. Watch to the end.

My teenage years in handy YouTube format

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I spent about ten years of my life holed up in an attic obsessively listening to Beatles bootlegs (that's what we had to do, back in the days before Anthology, BBC, and remasters) on vinyl (that's what we had to do, back in the days before mp3s and Purple Chick torrents). I studied them like Torah; not only did they satisfy my lust for new Beatle music, bootlegs were one of the few things that sounded perfectly fine on my JC Penney stereo. None of my pals really understood why I did this, and I never understood why they DIDN'T. Listening to [...]

I have an admission…

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...I love Magical Mystery Tour. Love love LOVE it. Maybe it was seeing the movie as an impressionable 12-year-old at the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis, wreathed in pot smoke and surrounded by kids from Wash U.; or maybe it's the fact that most of the LP is singalong singles; or maybe it's the shimmery quality of the production (Elliot Smith was trying to recreate the MMT sound in his home studio when he died); or maybe it's the fact that the group still seems to have the "free from touring but still interested in being Beatles" vibe going... For whatever reason(s), [...]

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