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  1. Avatar Nancy wrote:

    Great accordion on this! I had to find out who was playing it, and learned it was Chris Hall, who has recorded with Bill Wyman and Kate Bush in addition to playing in a number of cajun bands.

    Thanks for posting this video, Ed. I’d never seen it and didn’t know it existed.

  2. Avatar Ingrid wrote:

    aWhat a weird video…slick like a Benneton ad. And funny to see Paul at the end; he always looks so awkward without a guitar or piano in front of him.

  3. This is so Benneton! And the accordion is pretty nice…

    My son calls this song, “Brown-Eyed Hamster Man.”

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Hello all. I just discovered this blog a few days ago, and it is awesome. I’ve spent most of the last 72 hours reading through all the posts/comments from the past few years. Lots of amazing stuff and I would have loved to be included in some of the highly interesting conversations. By the way, did anyone ever bring up the story that ‘Norwegian Wood’ is about the Norwegian wife of some Beatles photographer with which John was having an affair? I think it was in Norman’s book but I can’t be sure. Alas, the post that NW = knowing she would, blew my mind and it just sounds so perfect. That’s EXACTLY something John would have done. But it’s always bothered me that there is no definitive answer to NW. Or maybe that’s another reason why it’s so awesome? Didn’t Paul ask John why the hell the name of this new song they were working on was so….Scandinavian? They all just went along with it blindly without learning the mysterious nature behind it? Does Paul know, yet he doesn’t want to tell us, perhaps because it was John’s story to tell, and John never explained, so Paul will take this with him to his grave as well? Ok, maybe I’m going to far…I also read that Norwegian wood panelling on the walls was a very popular furnishing for young Londoners at the time. (it looked *good* and it was cheap) But that’s way too literal for me.

    Ok sorry for the tangent. I actually came on here to ask about bootlegs. Anyone know where to buy and which ones I should start out with? I have all 115 episodes of Dinsdaleps Beatlegs and they are quite impressive. I highly suggest you all check them out. I have not, however, ventured into other bootleg land. Suggestions?


  5. Glad you like the site, Craig. It’s always a great thing when pointless obsessions yield something pleasant for others.

    I think there’s a long comment thread about Norwegian Wood that brings up a lot of stuff in your comment–I too heard the story that the “bird” wasn’t Maureen Cleave (the usual suspect) but the wife of Robert Freeman, who lived in the flat below. I may be garbling that–go look for the thread.

    As to Beatlegs, I’ve heard some of dinsdalep’s podcasts and loved ’em. I should listen to those again. I think there are sites where you can torrent Beatlegs–Purple Chick stuff seems like a good place to start. I’m too computer unsavvy to have ever figured out torrenting, and….WAIT! I SHOULD POST ABOUT THIS!

  6. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    “pointless obsessions” ?? If that’s the case then most of my life from the first time I heard a Beatles tune would be pointless as well, as they are all I think about. I know what you mean though 🙂

    Ahh, Freeman, that’s the one, thanks. Just seems like we’ll never know for sure, and there is definitely a beauty in that. Usually I feel like I wanna know how and where Paul/John came up with every word, but there is something nice about not knowing too. I love how Dylan refuses to explain anything about his music. It adds a mystery to it that is refreshing. Frustrating, but refreshing as well.

    Ok, thanks Michael. I’ll see if I can dig up some Purple Chick.


  7. You’re welcome, Craig. And after all, all life is “pointless obsession” –I think The Beatles are a wonderful thing to pick (no bias here of course).

    Search the site for “Norwegian Wood” and you should get that post.

    As to what’s best, with Purple Chick or anything else, I defer to our resident scholar Devin McKinney. I’ve been trying to get Devin to assemble a collector’s best-list for years now but, wouldn’t you know it?, he has real work to do!

  8. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Ps. Michael,

    I searched for the NW discussion and only found two posts: december 6 and 18. Neither involving a discussion of NW in the comments. Oh well.


  9. Craig, I’ll poke around. Coulda sworn I read something about it.

  10. Mike, didn’t I send you my list of personal Beatleg favorites years ago? I can resend if it’s been lost to the mists of time. And as for “real work,” we all have that to do, and Hey Dullblog is never far from the heart of it.

  11. Avatar Anonymous wrote:


    I’d love to see your list of favorite Beatlegs. Any chance you could post it? Thanks


  12. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Oh, and thanks for the link, Michael.


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