Movie Poster of the Week: NVUJ!

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Help poster from Japan! Apparently that genial hot mess Help! is coming out on Blu-Ray next week. While looking for illustrators this evening I found a nice round-up of the various posters for the film. These two are just a sample if the many HELP posters; if you like graphic design, it's definitely worth a look. Help poster from France! Really, guys, none of these posters are necessary. You had me at Eleanor Bron. :-)

David Bailey shoots Brian Epstein and the Beatles

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Devin just posted this wonderful photo of Brian Epstein on Facebook. When I asked him about it, he told me it was taken by David Bailey. Which led me, as the internet does, to this shot of BE from Bailey's famous 1964 Box of Pinups: Also in Box of Pinups was this photo below, my all-time favorite John and Paul shot. (John himself preferred another shot from the same session.) I adore David Bailey photos of The Beatles—and lots of other things, too. You can find many photos from Box of Pinups in this photoset. Well worth looking through if you love Swinging [...]

We all live in a white motorboat

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This exhibit of 1964-65 Beatlepics by Curt Gunther and Robert Whitaker begins today at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho. It's supposed to run through the summer, so I hope it's still there when I go to NY next month for a friend's birthday. Maybe if we ask him real nice, Beatle Ed, the only HD co-founder who is still a Gotham resident, could stop in and give a report?

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Ticket to Ride, Ed Sullivan, 1965

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J & P on the same mic. Any other instances you can remember? [Updated January 2014: Apple's taken down the original clip, so here's one of them doing the song for "Blackpool Night Out." Two Beatles, one mic, as noted in the comments.]

Why I love our commenters so much…

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This, just received today from commenter "Otto Didact," capping our conversation on the true/hidden meaning of "Norwegian Wood": I've heard from a very, very reliable source - literally the horses mouth - that "Norwegian Wood" was just a play on words as Lennon loved to do. It sounds an awful lot like "knowing she would" doesn't it. As in isn't it a nice knowing she would/will put out. Think about it. Much more clever and subtle, as The Beatles were, than burning down a house. How ridiculous. And Lennon at that time in his life wasn't getting blown off much. As in [...]

Shenk on Lennon/McCartney

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Lennon and McCartney by David Bailey, 1965. My favorite photo ever of John and Paul, taken by David "Blow Up" Bailey in January 1965. Speaks volumes. In analysis that is almost Dullbloggian in its grain of detail, Joshua Wolf Shenk addresses the Lennon/McCartney collaboration in this multi-part series in Slate. Take a look; if you're reading this blog, you'll really enjoy it. This article--part of a series on famous collaborations--was forwarded to me by my own dear collaborator Jonathan Schwarz. Jon and I wrote a bunch of humor back in the 90s. You can read Jon's own "Yesterday" (or "Help!" [...]

LIFE Magazine: “The Old Masters and Their Girls”

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John, Cyn, and showbiz newcomer Julian in LIFE, 1965. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Seems to me I recognized the shot Michael posted below, or one quite like it ... It's evidently from the same session that yielded this shot, part of a pictorial in Life magazine's issue of May 21, 1965. The story, "Hear That Big Sound," is about the current exploding state of pop music and features pix and hype-nuggets on a range of current faves, some mere pan-flashes, others eventual mainstayers: Chuck Berry, Supremes, Herman (sans Hermits), Pacemakers, Righteous Brothers, Wayne Fontana, Dave Clark Five, Dreamers (as in Freddie [...]

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God’s eye view

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God's Eye View of our guys. If you can't identify this occasion within ten seconds, you're probably here by mistake. I wonder how it was taken? Michael Lindsay-Hogg, hanging by his toes from a dirigible? EDIT: So I suppose I must excommunicate myself-- it's not the rooftop at all! Where and when exactly is a matter of debate, which can be sampled in the Comments. Now, where is that hairshirt of mine? (Made of JohnandYoko's hair; I pilfered it from Michael X.)

"Hullabaloo Salute to RUBBER SOUL"

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  "We turn the sound down and say rude things." A medley of Beatles medleys at Bedazzled… Man, they loved those Beatles Medleys back in the 60's and 70's... Here, the Righteous Brothers and Nancy Sinatra tackle songs from "Rubber Soul" with predictable results (very lame but slightly amusing).Righteous Brothers – "I've Just Seen A Face"Nancy Sinatra & The Righteous Brothers – "Run For Your Life"The Righteous Brothers – "Girl"Nancy Sinatra & The Righteous Brothers – "Wait"The Righteous Brothers – "Michelle"Nancy Sinatra & The Righteous Brothers – "I've Just Seen A Face" (end of medley) [MG July 2014 -- This [...]

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