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HELP poster from Japan
Help poster from Japan!

Apparently that genial hot mess Help! is coming out on Blu-Ray next week. While looking for illustrators this evening I found a nice round-up of the various posters for the film. These two are just a sample if the many HELP posters; if you like graphic design, it’s definitely worth a look.

Help poster from France
Help poster from France!

Really, guys, none of these posters are necessary. You had me at Eleanor Bron. 🙂

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  1. Avatar lia xarisi wrote:

    very interesting article

  2. I have a reproduction of the Japanese one. It’s fab!

  3. I’m jealous, Devin–where did you get it?

  4. I think it was at the 2003 Beatlefest in Secaucus, NJ. That’s the only Beatles convention I’ve ever been to, but I came away with lots of stuff: an original 1978 Marvel Comics BEATLES STORY that I’d lost years before; the 30th anniversary vinyl reissue of ALL THINGS MUST PASS; a box set of Beatles interviews (out of copyright, hence legal for pirates) that I’ve never seen anywhere since; several T-shirts; a butcher cover poster; etc. I also got a HARD DAY’S NIGHT repro poster, in plain dull English. Among the guest speakers, by the way, were Sid Bernstein (interminable and inaudible; we left midway) and several late members of Paul’s backup bands. The flea market is the only reason to go to one of those things, IMHO.

  5. That was gonna be my guess, @Devin.

    I’ve gone to Beatlefest Chicago probably three times at this point–’84 and ’85, and then in 2003 to introduce my wife to…this aspect of my personality. 🙂

    I totally love ’em; I feel an immediate kinship with Beatles fans that a really don’t feel with anybody else. I wonder, some year should we all meet at the O’Hare Hilton in August?

  6. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I suppose Help is a not a “great” movie compared with classics like the Godfather or Casablanca, but it sure it a hell of a lot better than 90% of the rehashed movie sequels thrown at us today.

    The music scenes alone are worth the price of admission. Not to mention the Fabs were at their most gorgeous — except for Ringo’s dreadful Prince Valiant hair style!. 🙂

    — Drew

  7. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    You left out the best posters. Look at the second “au secours!” poster. The artist made Paul and George look like women.

    The Argentinian artist made Los Beatles look like Latinos.

    And how about those “Krings Dee Night” foreign titles?

    They should have called the movie POMOC! and, in true Beatles style, left the fans and critics to suss out what the title meant.

    That said, now I’m waiting for Paul to write a follow-on to “Hi Hi Hi” called “Hi-Hi-Hilfe!”

  8. Of course I left out the best ones, @JR–I wanted you read the post!

  9. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    Best thing about “Help!” is John’s bed. Really really want one like that.

    Also love the tiny-Paul-in-a-gum-wrapper scene.

    Would be great to meet up in Chicago, but let’s pick a better hotel than the O’Hare Hilton for a HD convention!

  10. @Nancy, Beatlefest is still at the O’Hare Hilton, right? That’s what I was referencing.

  11. PS–Chicago Beatlefest smells like mildew. 🙁

  12. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    Michael, yeah, I know — it would make perfect sense for an HD get-together to happen at the same place/same time as Beatlefest, which is still at the O’Hare Hilton, to the best of my knowledge. (I’ve actually never been to a Beatles convention!) I just wish the venue were a) in a more interesting part of town and b) in a more interesting hotel. Maybe I’m being a Chicagoland snob. And I’m sure Beatlefest can’t afford downtown rates the way the medical and legal conventions can.

    It would really be fun for as many of us who can to meet up sometime.

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