Lennon and Christianity

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Oral Roberts: John Lennon's secret penpal? MIKE GERBER • Commenter Karen brought something to my attention recently that I certainly had a strong reaction to, and thought Dullblog readers would, too. In January, 1973, American televangelist Oral Roberts claimed in a speech that he'd received a letter from "ex-Beatle John Lennon." The letter, which he said was handwritten, detailed John's misery at his life as a Beatle, and his desire to be saved by Jesus Christ. You can read about it all here. I've been wrong before, but I would be willing to wager $100 right now that this letter is [...]

"Hey Bulldog" by Fanny

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Earlier today, I was hipped to the group "Fanny" by the excellent website Dangerous Minds. In the comments somebody mentioned that the group did a cover of "Hey Bulldog." I liked it so much I had to share. Super guitar solo.

“Poor old Buddy”

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Greil Marcus sends a link to this rare footage from 1972: John Lennon playing "Rock Island Line," with snatches of two Buddy Holly numbers, "Maybe Baby" and "Peggy Sue." Yoko provides handclaps for the first number (in rhythm!) and vocal interjections for the latter. But mainly it's just John's voice and raunchy guitar reaching out in time, coming back with a feeling you can see in his face. In return, I sent Marcus this photo I took on April 22, 2011, outside the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, where Buddy Holly played the night before his plane went [...]

"Genius Is Pain"

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(All words from Lennon interviews.) http://youtu.be/oSnjRaGoYyI (Via Jonathan.) [MG, Oct. 2013--This is from National Lampoon's great comedy album Radio Dinner, which came out in 1972, and you should listen to. John and Yoko were friends with National Lampoon art director Michael Gross, and used to hang around the magazine...until this came out, I suspect.]

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