"Genius Is Pain"

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(All words from Lennon interviews.)

(Via Jonathan.)

[MG, Oct. 2013–This is from National Lampoon’s great comedy album Radio Dinner, which came out in 1972, and you should listen to. John and Yoko were friends with National Lampoon art director Michael Gross, and used to hang around the magazine…until this came out, I suspect.]

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  1. Avatar Jim Meadows wrote:

    I’m surprised no one has ever commented on this cut. I had this album when it was new, and I was in high school. This parody of John Lennon during his primal scream days was quite the eye-opener for me. Christopher Guest does the vocal. It’s missing from this version, but the record actually ends with a woman (meant to be Yoko Ono) saying, “The dream is over”.

  2. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Jim, the NatLamp nerd in me thinks it’s Tony Hendra on the vocals, because he makes a big deal about it in Going Too Far, his history of “Boomer humor.” (Worth a read, if you’re interested.)

    But I could be wrong; or Tony could be fibbing. 🙂

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