"Hey Bulldog" by Fanny

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Earlier today, I was hipped to the group “Fanny” by the excellent website Dangerous Minds. In the comments somebody mentioned that the group did a cover of “Hey Bulldog.” I liked it so much I had to share. Super guitar solo.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I like this, and I am not usually a big fan of Beatle covers. The hairstyles of Fanny have come around to today, so basically these young ladies look to me like they could be walking around in 2012.

    Which makes me wonder what they look like today. …In the 1970s, styles from forty years previous looked so unlike the ’70s that we could put a comfortable distance between ourselves and “them.” But it’s weird when someone from decades ago looks so contemporary. It somehow throws our own mortality in our faces. If “they” look so contemporary, and “they” got old, then I will grow old, too.

    I’m always startled when I see today’s old people and realize they’re younger than the Beatles and Dylan. My mother-in-law, who was born in 1940, has trouble climbing stairs, and her daughters are worried about her forgetfulness. And isn’t Dick Cheney younger than John Lennon?

    I remember a brief, amusing piece someone sent to McSweeneys a few years ago. It went something like:

    If the Beatles were born today, they’d be called Conor, Joshua, Andrew and Ringo.

    – Hologram Sam

  2. Avatar Miami Ram wrote:

    I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks…

    Hollywood Ram

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