The Beatles as rock gods…literally

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NANCY CARR • Sarah Yakawonis, who runs the Etsy shop Yakawonis Quilling, has created images of each of the Beatles as a literal rock god, with intriguing results. Looking perfectly contented, George. George, perfectly at home With George's affinity for Indian spiritual traditions, it's appropriate that he comes off particularly well (his portrait incorporates aspects of Krishna). With his beads and meditative posture, George looks like he'd be right at home in Rishikesh, and as if he could hold his serene pose indefinitely. Watch out for that fire, John. John, creating and destroying If John were a Hindu deity, [...]

Where’s Ringo?

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In Pacific Palisades, I think Back in October at LA's Fest for Beatles Fans, I was taking a final gallop through the merch bazaar before Kate came to pick me up. A few final hugs and handshakes for vendors I'd spoken with or seen talk about their books; a quick glance here and there to see if there had been anything I missed. Frankly, I'd already spent too much and was determined not to spend any more -- and then I found a charming book called "Where's Ringo?" It's a lively Waldo-style hunt-and-find, with each detail-crammed illustration taking place at [...]

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Those McCartney e-tickets may be stolen

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NANCY CARR * Paul McCartney's "Farewell to Candlestick Park" show, on August 14, is generating some crazy reselling action—tickets for the sold-out show are being hawked  for up to 20 times face value. If you're looking for tickets, take a tip from my recent experience and do everything possible to ensure you're not buying stolen tickets that have been cancelled and will be worthless at the gate, as happened to U2 fans some years ago. After I bought tickets from Ticketmaster through the American Express presale last Thursday, my email was hacked: and so soon after I bought them, it looks like someone [...]

Imagine Beatles chocolates

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Linda, I need another chocolate stat!   NANCY CARR * Spring is finally here, and the holy people are out smelling the grass in the meadow. It’s the perfect time to have a Monkberry Moon Delight chocolate, courtesy of the folks at Imagine Chocolate. Appropriately, it has plenty of nuts. And it's part of the "Sir Paul" assortment, of course. If you're not feeling that much sweetness, you could try something from the White Album assortment. But you'll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle. [Note: I found these by happenstance while looking up the lyrics [...]

"Ultimate Beatles Record Collection"

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You'd need a temporary secretary, just to catalogue it This collection, up for sale on eBay through Saturday, lives up to its title. It’s definitely the most comprehensive Beatles and Beatles-related one I’ve ever seen. There are records I’ve seen only in Bruce Spizer’s books, like McCartney’s “Walking in the Park with Eloise,” what looks like a full run of the "Lost Lennon Tapes" LPs, and the Beatles bootleg “War and Peace.” So many bootlegs, so many picture sleeves, so many rarities! Looking at it all, I’m amazed, moved, and disquieted. Amazed because it must have taken an enormous amount [...]

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