Lennon and McCartney’s “lost reunion,” by David Gambacorta

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Posted at the excellent aggregator and original writing site Longreads is David Gambacorta's exploration of the 1974 California jam session John Lennon and Paul McCartney engaged in -- the last time they would play together. Most Beatles fans will be familiar with the history Gambacorta recounts, but it's nice to see it laid out succinctly. Gambacorta does turn up a few facts that were, at least, new to me: for example, it's not clear what happened to the master tapes made that night. And the piece is well worth reading for the recent comments Gambacorta got from several people, including Elliot Mintz, [...]

Krall does Paul: McCartney cover on “Wallflower”

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NANCY CARR * On her new album "Wallflower," Diana Krall covers "If I Take You Home Tonight," a song Paul McCartney wrote while working on "Kisses on the Bottom" but didn't release. (Not clear if he recorded a version.) I think the romantic ballad blends in seamlessly with the late 1960s to 1970s songs that make up the rest of Krall's album. Listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIKrLDyBmGc I can see why McCartney didn't use this on "Kisses," but why didn't he put it on "New"? To my ear it's far better than either "Hosanna" or "Looking At Her," which I think are the two [...]

Songs the Beatles Didn’t Do

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Just waiting for PJ Proby to make it famous. Over the weekend I Stumbled Upon this great little webpage, which was compiled by Columbia U. Beatlefan Joseph Brennan 'way back in the heady days of the late 90s, when the vaults of Abbey Road were still exhaling their treasures. I've always wanted to do a post that was a one-stop shop for all the tracks like this, and Brennan's page seemed like as good a starting-point as any. Commentariat, I'm counting on you to add more to it. A Beatles/JPGR-version is linked to the title; and the cover version is [...]

Ringo on the Train Song

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Starr, swaddled. After last night, I should've learned my lesson: no posting after your contacts dry out, it's just gibberish. But this just came over the Mojo Wire: Los Angeles Times man of music Randy Lewis asked our own Ringo Starr about the mysterious 42-second snippet that's been rocketing around Beatledom. It's the full track from A Hard Day's Night, a snippet of which comes out of Ringo's transistor before being switched off by the upper-class git. “I hope you don’t mind a crazy ‘Hard Day’s Night’ question,” I said before relating the recent events and asking if he knew [...]

The Nicol Theory

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Did Jimmy leave a secret legacy? On June 22, Chris Carter's "Breakfast With the Beatles" unveiled an unreleased Beatles track that has fans buzzing: the full 42-second song that blares only for a few seconds from Ringo's transistor radio during the train scene in A Hard Day's Night. Thanks to Chris' kind permission, we were the first site to bring the track to the web. Yay, Dullblog. As the debate over Ringo's train music continues (I say probably yes, Devin says probably no, this blog says probably yes, this one probably no, Chris Carter says probably yes, Giles Martin says probably [...]

Unreleased Beatles song from Hard Day’s Night?

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Okay folks, after checking with Chris Carter from KLOS' wonderful "Breakfast With the Beatles"—a Sunday morning institution in my household, and should be in yours, too--I snipped out this bit of new Beatle-music. Originally recorded during the sessions for "A Hard Day's Night," it was found by collector Dave Morrell, and had its worldwide debut on BWTB last Sunday. I couldn't find it anywhere on the web, so I thought I'd post it so non-LA Beatlepeople could hear and enjoy. Sorry for the slack air at the end, I have to learn GarageBand over again every time I use it. [...]

"Ultimate Beatles Record Collection"

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You'd need a temporary secretary, just to catalogue it This collection, up for sale on eBay through Saturday, lives up to its title. It’s definitely the most comprehensive Beatles and Beatles-related one I’ve ever seen. There are records I’ve seen only in Bruce Spizer’s books, like McCartney’s “Walking in the Park with Eloise,” what looks like a full run of the "Lost Lennon Tapes" LPs, and the Beatles bootleg “War and Peace.” So many bootlegs, so many picture sleeves, so many rarities! Looking at it all, I’m amazed, moved, and disquieted. Amazed because it must have taken an enormous amount [...]

“Revolution 1” In The Head

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If only you were here to confirm or deny... DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Mike asked what I thought of the “Revolution 1” Take 20 RM1, so called, that's been burning up Beatleland. I’ve been loving and chewing on this piece of mystery meat since the weekend, and at first assumed it was genuine. Why not: Remember the stripped-down masters of those four Sgt. Pepper songs that appeared almost a year ago? Those were just as crisply digitized, just as thrillingly intimate in their four-track nudity, and no one has credibly claimed they are not genuine. So I figured it was more [...]

Best of What’s Left of?

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The bottom of the bottom of the barrel? Or something better than that? Recently I ran into a problem that I thought the Beatles hive-mind here at Dullblog might be able to solve. My wife and I were driving to a party at a friend's house; the last time we'd met this friend, he'd discovered I was a Beatle freak. In the course of the conversation, he'd asked me the following question: after the Anthology series, what good stuff is left? Being lazy and easily distracted, I pointed him to the "Beatles Anthology Outtakes" set. But surely we could improve on [...]

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