Ultimate Beatles Record Collection

You’d need a temporary secretary, just to catalogue it

This collection, up for sale on eBay through Saturday, lives up to its title. It’s definitely the most comprehensive Beatles and Beatles-related one I’ve ever seen. There are records I’ve seen only in Bruce Spizer’s books, like McCartney’s “Walking in the Park with Eloise,” what looks like a full run of the “Lost Lennon Tapes” LPs, and the Beatles bootleg “War and Peace.” So many bootlegs, so many picture sleeves, so many rarities! Looking at it all, I’m amazed, moved, and disquieted.

Amazed because it must have taken an enormous amount of time and money to assemble it. Moved because it’s so carefully organized and photographed; this collection is clearly someone’s labor of love. Disquieted because I wonder about the story behind its being offered for sale: simple financial necessity, profound change of heart/taste, a broken relationship, something else?

When is enough, enough?

Seeing this collection also makes me wonder how we Beatles aficionados (or anyone who loves a particular band/performer/sports team/whatever) know when to stop, when to say enough is enough. At what point do tangible objects we selected, purchased, and stored cease being a joy and become a burden? Why do at least some of us, some of the time, feel that having physical manifestations of art we love brings us closer to the artists?

I’m an inveterate lover of physical media myself, but overall, looking at this assemblage makes me feel like shedding items from my own Beatles-related collection. “It’s All Too Much” springs irresistibly to mind.

But I wish this seller luck, and truly, if you wanted the ultimate Beatles record collection, this seems like a good deal. Such good music is perfect when you relax and play games such as 카지노 사이트.