Jack Douglas in Beatlefan, 1999

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In the run-up to John Lennon's 75th birthday this week, this old post of ours is getting a lot of traffic. If you haven't read it, it's great -- and an example of the wonderfulness of Bill King's magazine Beatlefan. And after you read it, you might head over to this thread on The Beatles Bible. [Originally posted July 20, 2010; reposted October 7, 2015.] * * * (Folks, in the process of answering a comment from stalwart commenter Nancy, I stumbled across this excerpted Beatlefan interview with Jack Douglas, the producer on "Double Fantasy." I found it interesting--perhaps you will, too.--MG) [...]

Phil Rickman’s “December”: Wrestling with Lennon’s ghost

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It's hard to write Beatles-related fiction without backing yourself into a corner NANCY CARR * What Beatles fan who was alive in 1980 hasn't wished he or she could have done something to prevent Lennon's murder? And what thoughtful Lennon fan hasn't been troubled by the contradictions manifested in Lennon's personality and life? Those questions drive Phil Rickman's 1996 novel December, a worthy read for this time of year despite its flaws. The book's action starts on December 8, 1980, not at the Dakota in New York City, but at a decrepit abbey in the Welsh countryside where a band fraying [...]

Double Fantasy Live: Follow-Up

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Yoko Ono and Siouxsie wrap up Meltdown with Walking On Thin Ice. Since I posted about the prospect of Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon doing Double Fantasy live, I wanted to post this link to a review of the performance. Sounds like Sean was just in the band. Carry on --

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Sean to play "Double Fantasy": cool or creepy?

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NANCY CARR • According to this article in the New Musical Express, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will be touring together this summer, with one of the scheduled events being the performance of Double Fantasy in its entirety. (That will be at the Royal Festival Hall  in London on June 23, closing out the Meltdown Festival.) Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think it's great for artists to play music they've worked on live for people who will enjoy it—especially when that music wasn't played live when it was released. For that reason I'm all in favor [...]

Preview of LENNONYC: Jack Douglas

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Friend Jamie Bryan turned me on to these unedited interviews from the upcoming "American Masters" program, "LENNONYC." I haven't listened to them all, but I just finished this one with Double Fantasy producer Jack Douglas, whom we have featured previously on Dullblog.It's spellbinding, especially beginning at around the 41:00 mark, where Douglas talks about the plans that John and Paul had to perform on Ringo's 1981 album. Douglas believes that would've become a full-fledged Beatles reunion, and given the context he provides, it's difficult to argue. (By the way, the first 4:45 is low-key hype from the people behind the show—pleasant enough, [...]

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