A George Harrison summer playlist

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The Best of Dark Horse came up on my iTunes shuffle the other day, and I was struck by how many George Harrison songs can go with a sunny, breezy day. George has a (not wholly undeserved) reputation as the dour Beatle, but here's a playlist of his solo songs that I think make for good summer listening. 1. "Blow Away" (1979) -- A great hook ("Blow away, blow away, blow away!") and lyrics that sound like a sequel to "Here Comes the Sun": All I got to do is to love you All I got to be is, be happy All it's got to take is [...]

Election reflections, Beatle-inflected

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Like many Americans, I’ve found this week emotionally exhausting. In the aftermath of this election, blogging about the Beatles seems ridiculous, so I offer these reflections with the hope that they may be helpful. However angry we may be, may we return no one evil for evil. May these times make us stronger and more determined to oppose injustice with love, and not hate, in our hearts. ___ Because my mind remains an ill-disciplined jukebox apparently no matter what is happening in the world, I had lots of bits of songs in my head all this week. Music, like literature, is one [...]

Magical Mystery Band: The Beatles and God

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by Chris Dingman, guest Dullblogger I was born on April 3, 1964, the week The Beatles saturated the US pop charts like no act before or since, claiming the first five songs and fully fourteen percent of the top 100. But I wouldn’t hear them until some years later, when they would spark my first ideas of God. Chris Dingman -- you can read more about him and his projects at the end of this post. We tend to see Copernicus’s realization that the earth revolves around the sun instead of vice versa as the beginning of the end of [...]

George Harrison and Krishna: Devotional Display in Dallas

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NANCY CARR * While looking at the jade collection in the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas earlier this week, I was surprised to hear "My Sweet Lord" playing faintly in the distance. A museum worker was moving pedestals around in a nearby gallery, preparing for a new exhibit: was she listening to the radio quietly? Or did I just have such an advanced case of Beatles-on-the-brain that the song was only in my head? Krishna, cowherds, and cows sheltering during a storm by B.G. Sharma No, the answer was upstairs, in the exhibit "Seeing and Believing: Krishna in [...]

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