Ray Cathode is George Martin and Maddalena Fagandini

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Spotted something neat on the Twitter feed of musician Michael Penn today: this oh-so-1962 single, recorded by a post-Goons pre-Beatles George Martin and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's Maddalena Fagandini. Can someone please tell me what a "time interval" is? Apparently "Time Waltz" was a reworked time interval. https://youtu.be/mhVYEgMrxOg In addition to his humble roots, George Martin's buttoned-up demeanor and BBC diction hid just how widely his mind did range. The Fabs were beyond lucky to pair up with him. It is the intellectual range of the Beatles which makes them so endurably fascinating to me. (And maybe to you, as well.)

George Martin, King of the Bond Theme

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"Name's Martin. George Martin." Some of you know that I'm a very big, but very picky, fan of James Bond. So much so that -- if Bystander ever gives me a couple months' off -- I'm planning a novel designed to be the ultimate Fleming-era Bond book. It should be great fun. But even I did not know that George Martin produced Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger". Add this to 1973's "Live and Let Die," and it's clear that, in addition to all of his other accolades, Sir George has to be considered the King of the Bond Theme. https://youtu.be/Fy_PJODH3p0 https://youtu.be/IqdqAAzjgDE

All You Need Is Love: Martin’s Greatest Accomplishment?

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George Martin, rocking out, 1967 David Yearsley over at Counterpunch has a wonderful appreciation of George Martin's work on the Summer of Love anthem "All You Need Is Love." Unfortunately Apple has taken down the linked video -- maybe they think your momentary frustration will spur a quick purchase of "1+"? Instead of making you think, "Jerks." Yearsley writes, It was only fitting that the fifth Beatle so often out of frame should be the first member of the band to be introduced, if namelessly, to the live world audience. Martin comes off in this quick shot not only as [...]

George Martin obituary roundup

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Beatles record producer George Martin has died at the age of 90. (And I didn't even know he was sick!) Below is a link to the obituary in The Guardian; we'll add other notable ones as they appear--please suggest additions in the comments. The Guardian. SPIN. Vulture. The New York Times. And yet another link to the Beatles story is lost -- remorselessly, inevitably experience is becoming history.

Missing link

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ED PARK • 1. Dangerous Bacon, Stackridge (from “The Man In The Bowler Hat”). The whole album is a masterpiece, the missing link between the Beatles and Prog, produced by George Martin in 1973. The harmonies are soaring, the songs alternately epic, whimsical and vaudevillian, all snapping with crackle and pop. It’s the kind of album you want to tell people about, the kind of music you’d like to listen to while you write epic, whimsical, vaudevillian books.From "Living With Music: Wesley Stace" on the NYT's Paper Cuts blog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JGldJ4UJCw

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