Ray Cathode is George Martin and Maddalena Fagandini

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Spotted something neat on the Twitter feed of musician Michael Penn today: this oh-so-1962 single, recorded by a post-Goons pre-Beatles George Martin and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop‘s Maddalena Fagandini. Can someone please tell me what a “time interval” is? Apparently “Time Waltz” was a reworked time interval.

In addition to his humble roots, George Martin’s buttoned-up demeanor and BBC diction hid just how widely his mind did range. The Fabs were beyond lucky to pair up with him. It is the intellectual range of the Beatles which makes them so endurably fascinating to me. (And maybe to you, as well.)

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  1. Avatar Dan wrote:

    In the early years of television the schedule wasn’t as tightly packed as it is now, and there were often long breaks between programmes. The BBC would play music during the intervals, and this is a ‘beat’ version of the most common one.

  2. OD, I think it was the new commenting plug-in. I’ve turned it off so it should be OK. Sorry.

  3. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    I really like that clicking rhythm; oddly contemporary to my ears.

    It’s like Four Tet combined with Mantovani.

  4. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

    Interesting George Martin audio documentary produced for vinyl in Canada. Part of a series on The Producers.

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