Attention Original Beatlemaniacs!

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Yes, convite them, why don't you? The following just came in over the transom: "I'm a journalist in a Portuguese daily newspaper called "i" ( I'm writing a feature about the 50 years of The Beatles in America and I'm trying to get in touch with people who might've seen them back then, live or on the TV. Could you help me?" Yes, Tiago, I believe we can! Any interested (and interesting) parties should contact him directly at tjppereira AT gmail DOT com.

“You, my pal, ROCK!”: Inspiration from the spam filter

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This flower is astonishingly functional! NANCY CARR • In this season of thankfulness, I am grateful to the Hey Dullblog spam filter. Whenever I clean it out I appreciate anew its kidneyesque work of protecting us all from poorly-worded importunities to buy pharmaceuticals, fake luxury items, or memberships to sketchy dating sites. The most garbled messages, however, attain a level of lunacy that I can imagine John Lennon giggling over and then weaving into a nonsense song, a la “Dig a Pony.” [After he’d bought some pharmaceuticals and fake luxury items, Michael G. adds.] Curiously, virtually all the robo-generated spam [...]

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Recent Comments

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The Beatle Bugle, 1964. You asked (well, Hologram and Nancy did) and Dullblog answered! A list of recent comments on posts can now be found by clicking "Recent Comments" in the nav bar. Please note that there may be multiple pages, so look for the little blue arrows (>> or <<) at the bottom.

Our Comment Policy, and the Future of Dullblog

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Flower Power. Hi folks! We're getting a LOT of comments these days, which we love. Hologram Sam just sent a yawp of protest over a couple of his comments not appearing, so I wanted to set down what our guidelines are, because I realized that we haven't ever done that. 1) We love comments. Love 'em. 2) We approve 99% of readers' comments. 3) The only comments we don't approve are ones which we feel a) don't add anything substantive to the discussion, and b) are uncivil, e.g., "Yoko is a beeyotch." Ms. Ono-Lennon may or may not be a [...]

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