Why not add something to a comment?

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Folks, many of you have asked for the ability to add images, video, and other files to your comments, so I have shelled out the princely sum of $25 and bought an addon that does that very thing. I would love it if our comments regularly contained supporting materials -- this would make them an even more useful reflection of the aggregate intelligence of our commentariat. If you think of it, why not add something to a favorite comment of yours, or to a thread you feel would be enriched?

Like the new Comments?

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I write all my comments on my screen, in pen Dullblogisti, in my mania to build an ever-better online clubhouse for Beatle-obsessives, I have installed a new commenting system. If you get a moment, could you help me test drive it? Leave a comment — See if it shows up, and is formatted correctly. Give a comment the thumbs up. Share a comment via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks in advance. With the old system, I couldn't follow who was replying to what and when. These days on Dullblog, that's important. You are a voluble bunch.

Lies, Damned Lies and Dullblog

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Story, nothing -- John should've sued over the PICTURE A side-question from the indefatigable @Rob on whether or not Paul McCartney actually was pissed off by Hunter Davies printing this interview in his revised edition of his book The Beatles, sent me off on a desultory Google search to determine the truth. After two minutes I could not, and I don't have more time to investigate this fully. Everybody, please feel free to fire up your own brains/Googling machines. When it was mentioned in a comment thread; seeing that it was a private phone call taken down after the fact, [...]

Dullblog’s Top Posts of 2015

By |2015-12-30T11:52:00-08:00December 30, 2015|Housekeeping|

The Fabs look very strange on this, right? George looks like Brian Jones As everybody is still busily digesting their Beatle-related gifts (how many of you got "1+"? Anything else to review?), I will confine myself to a quick check-in/roundup. I'm happy to report that 2015 was a banner year for Hey Dullblog. Traffic was up over 43% from 2014. We are reaching more Beatle people than ever before, and will nestle to a stop just under 150,000 pageviews. I am sure that much of that reader interest was due to our playful, informed, incisive-yet-respectful comments, so thank you, thank [...]

Comments and the spam filter

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Fished around in the spam filter today and retrieved two actual comments, one by ChelseaQW and one by Virginia Abreau de Paula –they’re now showing up in the appropriate threads. Everyone, if you submit a comment and it’s not posted within a few hours, please resend it. (Like George in "Blue Jay Way," we may be asleep—but there's also a chance the filter sucked in your comment. Either way, no harm in resending.) I made it to page 21 of 910 spam comment pages, folks. It’s no wonder the poor, hardworking thing shorts out occasionally and captures a real person’s remark—the inundation [...]

The Beatles and Fantasy Football?

By |2015-08-29T13:54:11-07:00August 29, 2015|Housekeeping|

Texas Tech is a college team. That's how un-NFL the Beatles are. In what may be the strangest post ever on Hey Dullblog…please permit me a brainstorm. For the past several years, I have played fantasy football. In this meta-sport, each individual selects a group of (American) football players. The weekly stat totals of your group are turned into points, which are then compared to the group you are playing that week. If you have any interest whatever in the NFL, it's incredibly addictive and fun. I would be happy to run a league -- eight minimum, probably fourteen maximum [...]

Call for Submissions!

By |2015-12-30T11:50:10-08:00March 29, 2015|Housekeeping|

Hey folks! As you might have noticed, Dullblog's content flow has been lighter over this last month or so. Nancy and Devin do what they can, but they have day jobs, bless 'em, and my new gig (I'm writing for The Huffington Post's new weekly satire show) makes it impossible for me to spew as prolifically as I have in the past. So: lemons. But we here at Hey Dullblog would like to make some lemonade. We are, for the first time in the seven-odd years of the site, officially calling for submissions. Any of you who would like to write a [...]

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I need your help!

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We can DO this Will you help me crash Dreamhost? Dullblog's been intermittent since the 23rd, but I've finally fixed it. Not really how I envisioned spending my Christmas week, but these things happen. Now I need to test the new setup. It would really help if everybody who reads this shares a favorite post or two (or ten). Facebook likes are good, submitting to StumbleUpon or Reddit or Digg would be even better. My hope here is to give us 24 hours of much, MUCH larger traffic than we've ever had before. That's the only way to be sure [...]

Help Dullblog Get to 100,000 Views!

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Admire the commitment, and note with pleasure that this is the Correct Period of the group Friendies, Last January, I set a secret goal for the site: 100,000 pageviews in 2014. This was a bit ambitious, but only a bit -- probably 15% more traffic than we've gotten every year since 2008 when this little monster was born. This morning I checked our logs, and we need just 11890 pageviews to reach our goal. So I'm asking: would you tell a friend about Dullblog? Forward a favorite (or unfavorite) post, or just let a Beatlefriend know we exist. We do [...]

Lewisohn’s “Tune In” Extended Edition back in print

By |2014-08-01T11:53:24-07:00April 28, 2014|books, Housekeeping, Mark Lewisohn, Tune In|

Update for anyone who didn't seize a copy of the two-volume, extended version of Vol 1 of Mark Lewisohn's definitive biography of the Beatles: due to popular demand, it's been reprinted and is in stock in the U.K. You can buy a copy here. My advice is not to sleep on this, if you're interested. I wouldn't bet on another reprint.

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