Interview with Chip Madinger, coauthor of Lennonology: Strange Days Indeed

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In this conversation with Hey Dullblog, Chip Madinger talks about the genesis, process, and future of the ambitious Lennonology project he has undertaken with coauthor Scott Raile. Thanks to Chip for answering our questions, and to Mary Klein, who recently reviewed Lennonology: Strange Days Indeed for HD and helped write the questions. You can learn more about the book, and purchase it, at HD: How did you determine what information to include about the other Beatles' activities? CM: As time is such a rigid constant, a day-by-day format seemed the ideal way to present the Lennons' history. The narrative in Strange [...]

John Lennon and Attachment Disorder

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Lennon, in a pensive moment Attention all armchair Lennonologists: Commenter Karen recently discovered a therapist with an interesting angle on what made John Lennon tick. "Having worked with families with children who demonstrate attachment disorder," Karen wrote, "I've long hypothesized that much of John's behavior can be explained by the attachment process gone awry." Anyone who studies John's behavior in any depth is struck by its changeability. In the words of this therapist, "One minute soft and tender.  In a blink, harsh and cruel – with a legendary acid wit that didn’t seem quite as witty when it was turned on [...]

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