Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift on making music in 2020

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Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift are on the cover of Rolling Stone this month, as part of the magazine's "Musicians On Musicians" series. You can read their conversation here. Sounds as if this meeting was a real family affair, with Stella McCartney supplying Taylor Swift's clothes for the shoot and Mary McCartney taking the photographs. To me, the most interesting part of the talk is the practical discussion of making music during a global pandemic. McCartney talks about being in lockdown on a sheep farm with his wife Nancy, his daughter Mary, Mary's husband Simon, and the couple's four children. Apparently this [...]

Beatle interviews, 1969-70

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With Mark Lewisohn lately touting the recording of a business meeting where an album after Abbey Road was being discussed, I was particularly interested in this YouTube edit of interviews with all four Beatles during the same period. (BTW, I've heard tell of Lennon's carve-up plan for decades—four songs for him, four songs for Paul, four for George, and two for Ringo—so I wonder just how unheard Lewisohn's tape really is. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm sure I read this years ago.) Paul, John, George and Ringo, talkin' I'll say right now: there are no bombshells in these interviews (and I [...]

McCartney Talks Carpool Karaoke

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The Paul McCartney episode of Carpool Karaoke has been so wildly popular (about 130 million people have watched it on YouTube or Facebook, and it spawned an extended version as well) that it's hard to imagine that the show almost didn't happen. But it's true. McCartney and Corden in the car. I saw McCartney play at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX on June 14 (another three-hour marathon, featuring 38 songs), and the tour program includes a lengthy interview with the following exchange: You made even more headlines when your appearance on Carpool Karaoke went globally viral, generating millions of views. And [...]

Interview with Jay Goeppner of the the Beatle Brothers

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Chicago-based singer Jay Goeppner pours his fervent love for the music of the Beatles, and John Lennon, into every performance. His voice, and his energy onstage, are almost eerily similar to Lennon's. I've seen several of his Beatle Brothers shows, and can testify that the only time I've gotten a stronger Beatles vibe was at Paul McCartney's concerts, since rock and metal concerts have always been my favorites and I even look for metal concerts near me every time I can. I caught up with Jay by phone recently, as he was returning from a last-minute road trip to fill in for [...]

Interview with Chip Madinger, coauthor of Lennonology: Strange Days Indeed

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In this conversation with Hey Dullblog, Chip Madinger talks about the genesis, process, and future of the ambitious Lennonology project he has undertaken with coauthor Scott Raile. Thanks to Chip for answering our questions, and to Mary Klein, who recently reviewed Lennonology: Strange Days Indeed for HD and helped write the questions. You can learn more about the book, and purchase it, at HD: How did you determine what information to include about the other Beatles' activities? CM: As time is such a rigid constant, a day-by-day format seemed the ideal way to present the Lennons' history. The narrative in Strange [...]

George Martin Tribute on Twenty-First Century Radio

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"We have a ghost in our house in the country...he smokes a pipe." Commenter Linda sent me some interesting links to last night's two-hour George Martin tribute on Twenty-First Century Radio, hosted by Dr. Bob Hieronimus. Baltimore-based radio host and artist Hieronimus seems to be somewhat Art Bell-ish, but with a definite Beatles bent (he's written a whole book on Yellow Submarine). Hieronymus interviewed Martin six times between 1995 and 2007. Says Linda, "This is definitely interview material I have not encountered before — George Martin and Dr. Bob discuss ghosts, life elsewhere in the universe, ecological concerns... a departure from the [...]

McCartney on Lennon as his hero

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Over on the "Paul's Essential Elements" thread, in response to an excellent post by Chris Dingman, we've been having a fascinating conversation about what both Lennon and McCartney brought to their artistic partnership. We're also having a conversation about it over on Mike's post, "John Lennon: Man of the Decade," because that's how we roll on Dullblog. In writing a comment on Chris' post, I mentioned that I'd read a magazine article in which McCartney identified Lennon as his hero. It was in the November 2015 issue of Mojo, in a piece titled "The Two of Us," excerpted from Paul du Noyer's [...]

Paul on Here Today

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It's awesome how UK magazines always give CDs and stuff away. Guest post from KAREN HOOPER • I usually read Sir Paul’s interviews with a yawn because it’s the same old answers to the same old questions. However, every now and again he says something that grabs my attention—like the other day, when I read his recent interview with Uncut (which can be viewed as a PDF here). Here’s Paul on Here Today, his elegy to John Lennon: “There’s one bit that I kinda disagree with when I sing it. ‘Well knowing you, you’d probably laugh and say that we [...]

Keith Richards on Sgt. Pepper

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EMi studios in 1966; the Beatles, working on "Revolver," get a visit from Mick and Keith. NANCY CARR * That headline about Keith Richards calling Sgt. Pepper's "rubbish" in an Esquire interview -- I've finally seen it enough times to post about it. I'm mostly inclined to give Richards' opinion of the album the big shrug. Some people are going to prefer the Beatles, others are going to prefer the Stones, and that's how it's going to remain. But here's the relevant quote, and a few observations about it. [Note: Scott Raab is the interviewer; one of the first things he says [...]

Interview: McCartney Recording Sessions author Luca Perasi

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"Groundbreaking and definitive" Here's a welcome sign that Paul McCartney's solo work is being looked at with new and appreciative eyes: Luca Perasi's Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) catalogs all Paul's solo recording sessions in detail. Well, the first 44 years of his post-Beatles career, anyway. Among the book's revelations is just how often McCartney recorded songs he didn't release for years, or in some cases didn't release at all. In the course of his researches, Perasi interviewed over seventy people who have worked with Paul over the years, and the perspectives they give on the man and his work are invaluable. Better still, Perasi doesn't let his obvious affection for McCartney's [...]

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