Kiss as the Anti- Beatles

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NANCY CARR * Easily recognizable iconography is one thing the Beatles and Kiss share. The Beatles have sometimes been represented by just their hair, and Kiss’ comic-book costumes and makeup are certainly distinctive. But there the resemblance ends. Reading Brian Hiatt’s excellent article “Kiss Forever: 40 Years of Feuds and Fury” in last month’s Rolling Stone got me thinking about all the ways that Kiss is the anti-Beatles—not in the sense of the band’s being opposed to or “against” the Beatles, but in the sense of being a kind of photographic negative of the Beatles. Well, the HAIR is here . [...]

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If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger…

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"Is it me, or does the guy on the target look like Allen Klein?" MIKE GERBER • Devin has called Tom Sutpen's blog "If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There's Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats" the best blog ever, and you can add my voice to the chorus of praise. I've been browsing it for years, and find it all the stuff that dreams are made of. Sutpen's beat is the same 20s to 70s culture I love myself, and while I haven't listened to the podcast (opinions?) his eye for the odd or arresting or simply beautiful [...]

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David Bailey documentary: Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating

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MIKE GERBER • In the process of relinking and refurbishing this site, I was reminded of a David Bailey documentary that I watched late last year. I think you might enjoy it — it's called "Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating." Well worth your time. Will I ever get enough of the BBC? Probably not. And I know I won't get enough of Bailey's work. We've covered it before on Dullblog, and if you haven't seen his photos of John and Paul or Brian Epstein, you're in for a treat.  

Excellent photos of the Fabs…

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...can always be found at the blog If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger. Just thought I'd pass it along. (If my last trip to Taschen is correct, I think this photo was taken by Harry Benson.)

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My love does it good

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The Bonnie Benrubi Gallery in NYC is showing an exhibit of Linda McCartney's photographs through the end of the month. It looks very worth a visit, in person or online: pictures of the family, some great behind-the-scenes Beatles shots, and some portraits of other luminaries. The image they're using to advertise the show -- titled "My Love" -- is pretty terrific: My Love (1978) by Linda McCartney

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New Beatle pix from the attic

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A documentary filmmaker named Paul Berriff has discovered some great photos of The Beatles he took as a 16-year-old assistant on the Yorkshire Evening Post. The pix are going on permanent display in Liverpool. Here's the site.This is now my favorite picture of Paul.

I’ve just seen a face…I think

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ED PARK • The face of the Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr, has been seen in a droplet of water bouncing on a lotus leaf... —Telegraph

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