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Michael Gerber
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A documentary filmmaker named Paul Berriff has discovered some great photos of The Beatles he took as a 16-year-old assistant on the Yorkshire Evening Post. The pix are going on permanent display in Liverpool. Here’s the site.

This is now my favorite picture of Paul.

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One Comment

  1. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Definitely one of my favorite pictures of Paul.
    A moment in time captured, where flying hair is testimony to the quickness of his body moves,as he himself feels and gets lost in the music. His beautiful face contorts as his eyes squint, nearly closed, and his mouth, opens in full howl, where singer, song, music, motion meet and erupts in an explosion of rapturous ecstasy! Be still my heart! Imagine the girl, or boy who witness this moment in time, of Paul, up close and right in front…(sigh) Pass the smelling salt!

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