Hey Dullblog Loves Harry Nilsson!

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I have always been simply potty for John and Paul's "favorite American group," born 80 years ago today on June 15, 1941. Here are a few of our posts on Harry over the years. 2010: Info on the film "Who Is Harry Nilsson? (And why is everybody talking about him?)" 2011: Nilsson's cover of "Isolation"  2013: Harry Nilsson: The Shadow Beatle (MG discusses the tragic arc of Nilsson and Lennon) 2014: Jimmy Webb on Harry Nilsson 2019: A Touch of Nilsson in the Night (Pussycats era demos) It is my tragic fate to have been born one day before Harry. Guess who [...]

Before "Toot and a Snore"

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The act you've known for all these years, in Santa Monica, 1974. Here are some photos from Retronaut.com — the last photo of John and Paul — taken at Peter Lawford's old beach house here in Santa Monica. Whenever I want to bask in some ghosts (Marilyn and Jack! Marilyn and Bobby! Nilsson and Baron Von Moon!) I bike down six blocks; the house is right on the PCH. It's surprisingly small; glamour required less square-footage back in those days. Anyway, according to Retronaut, these were taken in March 1974, at the time of the infamous "A Toot And a Snore" [...]

Nilsson’s "Isolation"

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Some people get Mania, others get Pandemonium Brother/good influence Jack Gerber just sent me this great cover of John Lennon's "Isolation" by JL's close friend/bad influence Harry Nilsson. It was unreleased until 2008, when it appeared as a bonus track on Aerial Pandemonium Ballet. Lennon covers almost never come close to the original; Lennon's paramount gift was to make his material feel so personal, indubitably his. It bothered him, especially post-Beatles, that fewer people covered his songs than covered Paul's, but you can understand why -- who could possibly equal his originals. Still, this version of Isolation holds its own, [...]

Attention Harry Nilsson fans!

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You know you're destined to be a rockstar when you have your school photo printed as a record sleeve. Good news! The Wrap.com reports that the 2006 Nilsson documentary, “Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)?” has finally found a distributor. The article says that the film will be at NYC's Cinema Village on September 10th, and be released on DVD before year's end. Folks, if I wasn't so sick these days, I'd fly out and lead a peaceful takeover of Cinema Village for an evening. I expect you to do Dullblog proud. I was lucky [...]

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