Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster

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Star graphic designer Shepard Fairey (yes, you know him -- think "OBEY" or that Obama poster) has created a new poster of George Harrison, to celebrate/promote the release of The Apple Years 1968-75. I think it's pretty cool. What say you? Please tell me he did this by hand and eye, and didn't just apply a Photoshop filter. That MATTERS to me somehow Interested in purchasing a Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster for your own cozy little Beatle-infused digs? Be quick and vigilant: "Silver edition to be released 24/10/14 through the George Harrison web store at 10am PST/6pm BST located [...]

When I’m Seventy-Three: What John Lennon would look like today

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    DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Huffington Post today features John Lennon headlining a festival of dead pop stars as they might look today, in computer-aided speculations created by the Sachs Media Group in partnership with “photo restoration and manipulation company” Phoejoe.   I study John’s digitally aged image, looking for the flaw in the algorithm, the misjudgment of hairline or jowel nomenclature, and can’t find it. The others are pretty interesting as well.       And here’s the classic analog representation of all four Beatles “when I’m sixty-four,” commissioned for the multi-artist anthology The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (1969), often used for [...]

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Pop Chart Lab Beatles Charts

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Graphic swiped from Visual News. MIKE GERBER • "To render all of human experience into chart form”—is this a good idea? Unclear. Must we prepare for the ascension of our new, chart-toting overlords? Beyond the purview of this blog. All we can say for sure: Brooklyn-based graphic designers Pop Chart Lab have produced another in their series of incredibly beautiful, insanely detailed, not always so decipherable charts, this time about The Beatles. The Beatles Song Charts, Volumes I-III displays each member's contribution to each song, and is perfect for that Beatle-less space above your couch. Make any room your Beatle [...]

Red stalks, green bars

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  A Beatles Authorship and Collaboration Chart by Mike Deal I don't think I understand this yet, but it's beautiful. Color patterns offer clues about the band's gradual fracturing as each member becomes more independent. Red stalks (signifying jointly written songs) decrease in the second half of the timeline; the split-color bars give way to solid bars of a single color. George Harrison also began to compose more music as he matured as a songwriter, signified by the increase in green bars (Lennon and McCartney's lack of support through Harrison's development is widely cited as a factor contributing to the [...]

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