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Star graphic designer Shepard Fairey (yes, you know him — think “OBEY” or that Obama poster) has created a new poster of George Harrison, to celebrate/promote the release of The Apple Years 1968-75. I think it’s pretty cool. What say you?

Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster

Please tell me he did this by hand and eye, and didn’t just apply a Photoshop filter. That MATTERS to me somehow

Interested in purchasing a Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster for your own cozy little Beatle-infused digs? Be quick and vigilant:

“Silver edition to be released 24/10/14 through the George Harrison web store at 10am PST/6pm BST located here: www.georgeharrison.com (1 per household/person).”

Of course, it’s no Milton Glaser on Dylan