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A detail from Pop Chart's Beatles Song Facts Vol. I-III

Graphic swiped from Visual News.

MIKE GERBER • “To render all of human experience into chart form”—is this a good idea? Unclear. Must we prepare for the ascension of our new, chart-toting overlords? Beyond the purview of this blog.

All we can say for sure: Brooklyn-based graphic designers Pop Chart Lab have produced another in their series of incredibly beautiful, insanely detailed, not always so decipherable charts, this time about The Beatles. The Beatles Song Charts, Volumes I-III displays each member’s contribution to each song, and is perfect for that Beatle-less space above your couch. Make any room your Beatle Room, for just $27 each, or $70 for the box set. (You do have a Beatle Room, don’t you? If not, I think a few Pop Chart Lab Beatles Charts might be a necessity.)

Web-jocularity aside, these things are beautiful. Pop Chart does fabulous work. See here—but secure your eyes first, as they will be knocked right out.