Mick Jagger as Alex? The Beatles said yes

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"Go for it, Mick" Mere days after revealing that John Lennon was (theoretically) into dudes, Auntie NME has revealed that all four Beatles signed a petition trying to get Mick Jagger the lead in "A Clockwork Orange." Picture this: it's February 1968. You're probably high. Mick as Alex; The Stones as his droogs; music by The Beatles; screenplay by Terry Southern... this movie would've been either the greatest thing ever, or totally unwatchable. Without a firm hand to guide him (Stanley Kubrick) Terry Southern tended to write stuff like The Magic Christian, films much less fun than the parties surrounding [...]

Paul Better Than John? Hell Has Frozen Over!

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"REMINDER -- All edit ppl MUST attend 2pm mtg on songwriters list fuckup" Longtime reader Paul Guay alerted me to the following tidbit: In Rolling Stone's latest listifiction, The 100 Greatest Songwriters -- ogle it here -- Paul McCartney is listed at #2, one spot ahead of John Lennon. As Paul wrote, "Hell has indeed frozen over." As a once-and-future magazine person, I bet the halls were slick with blood over this one. From the outside at least, RS doesn't seem like the kind of place one could thrive openly preferring McCartney over Lennon; the implications would be too much [...]

All that time

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Greil Marcus "When I became record reviews editor, I made it clear to him after a few months — nobody had done the job before me — that the record review section was an independent republic within the country of Rolling Stone. That meant that nobody else could tell me what to review or what a writer could say. They could argue with me, but ultimately it was my decision. And that worked well. There was one incident where Paul McCartney makes his first solo record and people thought it was wonderful: this rough, homemade one-man-band album. It was accompanied by [...]

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