An Innovation in Guerilla Marketing: The Photo-Blurb

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  In case you didn't know, our own Mike Gerber has published a fanciful and fantabulous fantasy novel re: the Beatles, John Lennon, murder, mystery, memory, and the whole mishigas. Here is another plug of support from a fellow co-founder of this blog (cropped above and below to honor the subclause of our bylaws requiring co-founders to maintain facial anonymity as we walk among our subjects). Kudos, Mike, on—as JL often referred to a PM song he particularly liked—a damn good piece of work.

Reminder: Mike’s book is FREE today!

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Hey folks! I'm happy to say that hundreds of you have taken advantage of my catastrophically bad business sense, and downloaded Life After Death for Beginners. Even better, I'm already getting emails from people telling me how much they're enjoying it. THIS IS AWESOME(no punctuation, for extra breathlessness)Seriously: Life After Death for Beginners would not have turned out as nicely as it did without all the things I've learned from the posters and commenters here at Dullblog. It is such a pleasure to be able to say thanks in this way. Please take me up on it!And now, off to see "Nowhere [...]

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Thursday, 9/30/10: Imagine Mike’s book for free!

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Because I am still not quite clear on the whole "capitalism" thing, I'll be offering my satirical Beatle noir mystery, Life After Death for Beginners, as a free download this Thursday, September 30. While I'm off watching a preview of "Nowhere Boy" at the Egyptian, you can get three years of my freakin' life in convienent .epub or .mobi format without paying a red cent.The softcover lists for $14.95, and the ebook for $4.99, but not for you, and not this Thursday. To quote the press release: LADFB stars Tom Larkin, an impossibly famous rock icon who dies tragically at the hands [...]

Eric Idle’s comments at George’s ceremony

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Just in case anybody missed it, here are Eric Idle's one-liner filled remarks at the ceremony last week unveiling George's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Eric Idle and George Harrison really made some magic in this here Material World, didn't they?

24 Hours in Liverpool

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Whence they sprang. (all those years ago) The New York Times has a nice article on traveling to Liverpool. Anybody out there made the pilgrimage? Worth it?

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Salman Rushdie, Rutlemaniac

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"I just discovered this great band that sounds just like The Rutles." According to this article, Salman Rushdie was at the Rutles NYC gig last night. After which he immediately declared a fatwa against Ron Nasty for breaking up the group. OH THE IRONY

"Don’t touch Neil. He’s ours."

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Neil Aspinall and Paul McCartney in 1969. Allan Kozinn, the NYT's resident Beatle expert, writes a top-notch obit of Neil Aspinall. And Beatle biographer Hunter Davies has some interesting things to say about Neil here. Hey Dullblog--your one-stop Neil Aspinall obituary source. Re: the photo: Sixties fashions were incredibly unkind to men over 25, don't you think?

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Send good vibes to Neil Aspinall

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The right hand of the Fab Four. I heard this morning that Neil Aspinall, ex-Apple Corps exec and long-time right hand man to the Fabs, is seriously ill with cancer and receiving treatment at Sloan-Kettering in NYC.Perhaps the grapevine is incorrect in this case; hope so. But if not, I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Neil--or, as the group christened him, "Nell"--a speedy and complete recovery.UPDATE: Unfortunately, Mr. Aspinall has died at the age of 66. The first obits are inevitably referring to Neil as "the fifth Beatle," and he probably was, beating Mal Evans out by virtue [...]

My night of Rutlesmania

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The Faux Fabs. People fortunate enough to witness a defining moment in human history always say the same thing: you can sense it happening. It’s as if there’s a subtle vibration, a whiff of something special in the air. If that’s true, no place in the world stank harder than Hollywood this past Monday night, as a majority of the world's celebrities packed themselves into the venerable Egyptian Theater to pay homage to one of the most important musical groups of our, or anyone’s, lifetime. Of course you already know who I’m talking about: Ron, Dirk, Stig, and Barry, the [...]

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