McCartney Talks Carpool Karaoke

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The Paul McCartney episode of Carpool Karaoke has been so wildly popular (about 130 million people have watched it on YouTube or Facebook, and it spawned an extended version as well) that it's hard to imagine that the show almost didn't happen. But it's true. McCartney and Corden in the car. I saw McCartney play at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX on June 14 (another three-hour marathon, featuring 38 songs), and the tour program includes a lengthy interview with the following exchange: You made even more headlines when your appearance on Carpool Karaoke went globally viral, generating millions of views. And [...]

Beatles Impact on the Economy

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Kneel before Zod The Beatles are responsible for one out of every 100 jobs in their home city of Liverpool, according to a new report by the City Council. The Beatles impact on the economy of the city is simply immense; the report estimates that John, Paul, George and Ringo bring in about £82 million worth of trade annually. Gulp, but this figure is likely low: "[A]ccording to Professor Richard Evans from Liverpool John Moores University, the figures do not take into account the marketing value of the brand or the number of people staying at non Beatles-themed hotels...The report [...]

Cilla Black, 1943-2015

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Entertainer Cilla Black, whose career was championed by Brian Epstein and who was a close associate of the Beatles in the 1960s, died yesterday at her home in Spain. Thanks to veteran Hey Dullblog commenter Hologram Sam for passing on the information to us first. Black and McCartney in the studio, 1968 Black (whose birth name was Priscilla White) came a long way from her start as a coat check girl at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. She had two number one hits in 1964, "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and "You're My World." But her first single, in 1963, [...]

The Beatles Story: A Bold Sonic Experiment in How Terrible You Can Make a Museum

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Is your favorite film Magical Mystery Tour when watched with a hangover? Is your favorite song the sound of Yoko and John screaming in wordless unison? Is your favorite record the White Album… but only when both LPs are playing simultaneously over one another? Then "The Beatles Story" is the museum for you! True fact: More Liverpudlians have had a #1 record than musicians hailing from any other location. Liverpool: First Slaves, then Tobacco, then Hit Records The city of Liverpool is at once artsy and working-class. Walk a quick downtown loop, and you’ll find postmodern exhibitions, good espresso, and [...]

What to do in Liverpool?

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"I've got my eye on you, Lennon." Folks, my friend Ben Orlin just wrote to say that he and his wife are taking a daytrip to Liverpool tomorrow. He knows I struggle with Chronic Recurrent Beatlemania (CRB), so he kindly asked, "Anything you want me to photograph/purchase/graffiti for you?" Of course I'm wilting under the pressure -- I'm a writer, not an improvisor, for God's sake -- but I thought Dullblog's teeming millions might have some good ideas. 1) What should Ben photograph? 2) Any Beatle purchases that aren't cheesy, aren't expensive, and that can be shipped Stateside? 3) Any [...]


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A recent comment string about Liverpool makes me wonder: What are the other great (or just very good) Liverpool bands? I can only think of one—Echo and the Bunnymen—but surely Dullblog readers will chime in with their favorites....

24 Hours in Liverpool

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Whence they sprang. (all those years ago) The New York Times has a nice article on traveling to Liverpool. Anybody out there made the pilgrimage? Worth it?

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