David Bailey documentary: Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating

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MIKE GERBER • In the process of relinking and refurbishing this site, I was reminded of a David Bailey documentary that I watched late last year. I think you might enjoy it — it's called "Four Beats to the Bar, and No Cheating." Well worth your time. http://youtu.be/zDjLXi-BPCA Will I ever get enough of the BBC? Probably not. And I know I won't get enough of Bailey's work. We've covered it before on Dullblog, and if you haven't seen his photos of John and Paul or Brian Epstein, you're in for a treat.  

David Bailey shoots Brian Epstein and the Beatles

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Devin just posted this wonderful photo of Brian Epstein on Facebook. When I asked him about it, he told me it was taken by David Bailey. Which led me, as the internet does, to this shot of BE from Bailey's famous 1964 Box of Pinups: Also in Box of Pinups was this photo below, my all-time favorite John and Paul shot. (John himself preferred another shot from the same session.) I adore David Bailey photos of The Beatles—and lots of other things, too. You can find many photos from Box of Pinups in this photoset. Well worth looking through if you love Swinging [...]

Before "Toot and a Snore"

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The act you've known for all these years, in Santa Monica, 1974. Here are some photos from Retronaut.com — the last photo of John and Paul — taken at Peter Lawford's old beach house here in Santa Monica. Whenever I want to bask in some ghosts (Marilyn and Jack! Marilyn and Bobby! Nilsson and Baron Von Moon!) I bike down six blocks; the house is right on the PCH. It's surprisingly small; glamour required less square-footage back in those days. Anyway, according to Retronaut, these were taken in March 1974, at the time of the infamous "A Toot And a Snore" [...]

Beatle Photo Blog

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Yee-up. In the course of trying to find the horrific Macca fan painting immortalized in "The Compleat Beatles" referenced by commenter J.R. Clark, I stumbled across this really neat blog specializing in photos of our Fabs. Enjoy, but browse at your own risk. You'll lose some time. Like, a day. Another Beatle photo blog I like is the memorably titled "Paul McCartney, Sex Gladiator."

We all live in a white motorboat

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This exhibit of 1964-65 Beatlepics by Curt Gunther and Robert Whitaker begins today at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho. It's supposed to run through the summer, so I hope it's still there when I go to NY next month for a friend's birthday. Maybe if we ask him real nice, Beatle Ed, the only HD co-founder who is still a Gotham resident, could stop in and give a report?

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Excellent photos of the Fabs…

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...can always be found at the blog If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger. Just thought I'd pass it along. (If my last trip to Taschen is correct, I think this photo was taken by Harry Benson.)

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