Real or fake?

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I've been wrong before, but the man doesn't look like Lennon to me, I've never seen any other shots from this shoot, there are no historical markers to check, and the woman's hair seems to hide her face rather too conveniently. Is this really a shot of John kneeling before Yoko? What say you, commentariat? "I'm not worthy!" But then again, I'm a big believer in the awesome power of Photoshop... You call it harassment, I call it guerilla marketing.

LIFE Magazine: “The Old Masters and Their Girls”

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John, Cyn, and showbiz newcomer Julian in LIFE, 1965. DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Seems to me I recognized the shot Michael posted below, or one quite like it ... It's evidently from the same session that yielded this shot, part of a pictorial in Life magazine's issue of May 21, 1965. The story, "Hear That Big Sound," is about the current exploding state of pop music and features pix and hype-nuggets on a range of current faves, some mere pan-flashes, others eventual mainstayers: Chuck Berry, Supremes, Herman (sans Hermits), Pacemakers, Righteous Brothers, Wayne Fontana, Dave Clark Five, Dreamers (as in Freddie [...]

No comment necessary

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John and Julian Lennon. I'm not even going to attempt to date/source this photo (we know what happened the last time), but I discovered it yesterday and wanted to pass it along today. Spare a thought, and be good to the people who love you.

Sleeveface: Change your head

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Probably more enterprising net-cruisers than I already know the British website Sleeveface, which since early 2006 has been making a small, pleasant fuss on the Internet, and latterly in the British press. According to Wiki, the concept originated, according to the BBC, in Cardiff, Wales, according to a guy who lives in Cardiff.         Anyway, click on over: Beatles entries are surprisingly few (in fact, they are zero—not many large, isolated head shots on their LP jackets), but there are some solo Ringos, a slew of John & Yokos, many McCartney IIs, and a ton of [...]

But who knows where or when

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Sweaty John and Paul DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Reach into cyberspace and you'd swear you have a magnet hand. Things just fly into your palm. Like this great shot of two of our best boys in full gorgeous sweat. It just came to me off a Spanish website and bears the legend, Lennon e McCartney em seus melhores momentos. [MG: "In English: 'Sweaty John and Paul'."] I've never seen the picture before and cannot place its provenance. I therefore pose a puzzle: can anyone devise a plausible guess, from the minimal evidence, as to when, where, and what occasion in the [...]

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