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Paul McCartney hayseed


In the course of trying to find the horrific Macca fan painting immortalized in “The Compleat Beatles” referenced by commenter J.R. Clark, I stumbled across this really neat blog specializing in photos of our Fabs.

Enjoy, but browse at your own risk. You’ll lose some time. Like, a day. Another Beatle photo blog I like is the memorably titled “Paul McCartney, Sex Gladiator.”

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  1. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I found it! It’s at 0:38 of this video:

  2. Avatar Nancy Carr wrote:

    So we’ve established that McCartney is the Horticultural One, between that painting (thanks for posting the link, J.R.) and the photo Michael reposted.

    It’s a dissertation! “‘Where the Holy People Grow’: Grass and Trees in the Lyrics of Paul McCartney.”

    “We lie beneath a shady tree”

    “Find me in my field of grass / Mother Nature’s Son”

    “Heart of the country where the holy people grow / Heart of the country, smell the grass in the meadow / Wo, wo wo”

    “Bring a bag of bread and cheese / and find a shady spot beneath the trees”

    “I’d like to walk in a field with you /take my hat and my boots off too / I’d like to lie in a field with you / Would you like to do it too?”

    [With a conclusion expanding the analysis into the fruit in “Monkberry Moon Delight” (the titular berry + “banana”)]

  3. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    I seem to remember an incident in the early to mid-80s when a Scottish constable poked around some greenhouses at Paul’s farm, found some of Macca’s herbal jazz tobacco growing there, and issued Paul a citation. Paul had to go before a judge in Campbeltown and pay a fine.

    Priceless Paul McCartney quote to the tabloid reporters outside the courthouse: “The judge is a great guy.”

  4. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Yes, Paul songs have always had a pastoral streak, with his references to meadows and trees and grass. Heart of the Country always reminded me of Beethoven’s pastoral symphony, music I heard as a child watching Fantasia.

    John was more the urban one, with the One After 909, newspaper taxis, steel and glass.

    I wish I’d grown up in Liverpool. Seems like it had something for everyone: cute little walkable suburbs, a downtown city vibe, the water. Years ago I was buddies with the late, great Johnny Science. Johnny had an aunt from Liverpool, and when she visited I was enchanted with her accent, and her stories of her hometown. She had a few choice things to say about the Beatles, and how they laid the scouse on heavy for the benefit of the Americans. Sort of like me exaggerating my new yawk/eye-talian roots when confronted with upstate intellectuals.

    Paul seemed happiest as a country squire, sheering sheep and riding ponies with Linda. Lennon had the same yearnings, but the pull of NYC and Yoko overcame them. In 1980, Lennon was seriously jonesing for more open pastures, with Yoko trying to placate him with a mansion a few hours from the big apple.

    – hologram sam

  5. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    That video was AWESOME. Good lord, were people really that sincere in their Beatles devotion? “If you notice,” the girl holding the Paul painting says, “he’s growing.”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, what a sweet kid.

    Here are a few other great photo blogs about the Beatles:

    — Drew

  6. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I found this on the Beatle photo blog, the anecdote about Carl Perkins bringing Paul to tears with the song “My Old Friend.”

    – hologram sam

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