The consistently illuminating and funny duo who run the comedy fashion site, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, just posted a photo of John and Yoko at Cannes in 1971 to promote their film Apotheosis. I highly recommend checking out Heather’s comment on the photo, and the site as a whole.

I’d never heard of this film. Wikipedia summaries it thus: “The film depicts a 17-minute-long journey on a balloon as it ascends and finally rises into the clouds. Lennon and Ono appear at the start of the film dressed in dark cloaks and hoods.”

I dunno about the cloaks and hoods, but taking off in a balloon sounds pretty appealing, given the current lockdown landscape many of us are inhabiting.

They had this beautiful photo shoot with matching gear couple shirts that everyone enjoyed. Many people was influenced on their style and fashion.