Benjamin Levi Marks has a new Anthology cooking

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Beatles at Twickenham, 1969 This morning, I awoke to a nice comment from Benjamin Levi Marks, the world's pre-eminent scholar on the Get Back/Let It Be sessions. : "Hey! Long time since I checked in. I have finally retired, which frees up a lot of time and energy. This allows me to move forward with my dissection of one month of the Beatles’ career (January, 1969). I certainly fit your blog subtitle to the ‘T’ (People who think about the Beatles maybe a little too much). Mea culpa! Like many of us, I read and was bowled over by the [...]

Free As A Bird: Pro or Con?

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The act you haven't known... I awoke this morning to begin my American Thanksgiving, and the first song I heard on KCRW was "Free As A Bird." (Droll, young hip DJ, very droll.) FAAB is that rarest of B's: a Beatles song you don't hear very often. And rightly so? I remember being delighted by "Free As A Bird" when it emerged in 1995 -- not due to the song itself which, then and now, sounds a bit spindly to me, and seems to emphasize the loss of Lennon, rather than celebrate the group. But I loved how it brought [...]

Benjamin Levi Marks’ “The Ultimate Beatles Anthology”

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"I swear, I don't know how much more of this I can take." About six years ago a fellow Beatles fan named Benjamin Levi Marks sent me a few discs of his lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed homebrew set called "The Ultimate Beatles Anthology." It was designed to fill in the many gaps left by the Beatles Anthology -- as well as, in Professor Marks' own words, "frame both the state of the world and the state of the Beatles as they stepped into Twickenham on January 2nd, 1969 to launch their third revolution. We all know that what they planned [...]

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Best of What’s Left of?

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The bottom of the bottom of the barrel? Or something better than that? Recently I ran into a problem that I thought the Beatles hive-mind here at Dullblog might be able to solve. My wife and I were driving to a party at a friend's house; the last time we'd met this friend, he'd discovered I was a Beatle freak. In the course of the conversation, he'd asked me the following question: after the Anthology series, what good stuff is left? Being lazy and easily distracted, I pointed him to the "Beatles Anthology Outtakes" set. But surely we could improve on [...]

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