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Beatles Anthology Outtakes

The bottom of the bottom of the barrel? Or something better than that?

Recently I ran into a problem that I thought the Beatles hive-mind here at Dullblog might be able to solve. My wife and I were driving to a party at a friend’s house; the last time we’d met this friend, he’d discovered I was a Beatle freak. In the course of the conversation, he’d asked me the following question: after the Anthology series, what good stuff is left? Being lazy and easily distracted, I pointed him to the “Beatles Anthology Outtakes” set. But surely we could improve on that. So: if you were creating a collection of still-unreleased Beatles material, what would you put on it?

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One Comment

  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    That’s easy.

    Without literally knowing, you damn well they recorded covers of their favorite songs (and well recorded them, too). Those are the songs I want to hear.

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