The Compleat Beatles (1982)

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Following some mention in the comments, I was able to find a very nice VHS transfer of the pre-Anthology Beatles documentary The Compleat Beatles, streamable on the Internet Archive. I post it here for several reasons. When people talk about "the standard narrative," this is it. The Compleat Beatles is a well-told, extremely concise rendition of The Beatles' story as most fans [...]

The Beatles and India documentary

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Folks, I just got a press release for something very interesting: The Beatles and India is a new documentary about, well, just what it says. Those of you in the UK (and India?) can stream it now; the rest of us will have to wait a bit. There is also an album of covers. Two things come immediately when the topic of [...]

The Beatles, “Let It Be,” and “Get Back”: “Trying to Deceive”?

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Michael G's post "Let It Be, Get Back, and History as Art" and the comments on the site have raised so many interesting points about Lindsay-Hogg's 1969 film and Peter Jackson's forthcoming one that I wanted to say a bit more about why I'm looking forward to Jackson's film, but also not expecting it to be the whole truth. A lot of that [...]

“Let It Be,” “Get Back,” and History as Art

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[Folks, I responded to a comment from @Erin this afternoon, and felt that I was able to express some complex, important stuff in a reasonably concise way, so I'm surfacing it here. But before you read that… Whatever else they might be, The Beatles are an historical phenomenon; which means two things. First, each fan must create their own idea of the [...]

A few words about the latest Rolling Stone list…

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I noticed a few commenters had mentioned Rolling Stone magazine's recent "500 Best Songs" list, and since I had a few thoughts about it myself, I wanted to set them down in the quickest and dirtiest fashion. Don't take any of this too seriously, please. I have a headache and am avoiding work. What is Rolling Stone, anymore? I'd argue that this [...]

Reader Question #1: George Harrison and Beatlemania

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Reader David wrote me to ask: "Some thoughts I've had recently with George Harrison's behavior within the Beatles particularly when the true Beatlemania kicked in. Do you think that kind of insanity going on around him, the crush of the crowds, the screaming, being chased and attacked...could all of that made him feel threatened, vulnerable, perhaps that his life was in danger? Ringo [...]

Beatle Memories from Marijke Kroger of The Fool

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Artist Marijke Kroger of the Dutch art collective The Fool shares some wonderful memories here, including lots about our fellas. I've posted about the psychedelic moment in art and culture before, and what always strikes me is how brief it was. It began in earnest no earlier than 1965, and by 1968 was rapidly being replaced by a harder, more ironic, more [...]

The Bollywood Beatles—I Want To Hold Your Hand

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Friend of Dullblog Stephen Kroninger sent along this mesmerizing Bollywood version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9JMo9xLfzM The Beatles came along at the precise moment for Western popular culture to have maximum impact all around the globe. Not only were the economically dominant cultures of the U.S., U.K., and Europe producing a monoculture, the process of de-colonization was [...]

The Beatles are a threat to our children, especially girls (August 1964)

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It's nearly impossible for a modern person to understand the white-hot, spittle-flecked paranoia that The Beatles generated in certain quarters of American society. But it's really essential to their story—how they perceived themselves, how they interacted with fans (and haters), their transit from performing band to studio magicians, and the peculiar pressures that they were under from February 1964 on. This earnest [...]

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