Some thoughts on “Jailhouse Rock”

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[Folks, this post may be a little rough because I'm having real trouble typing into the WordPress backend. Forgive any typos, etc.—MG] Elvis the Pelvis comin' at ya I’ve never seen Elvis’ breakthrough 1957 movie, Jailhouse Rock, because truth be told, I'm not the world's biggest Elvis fan.  But I decided to watch it, specifically with an eye towards comparing [...]

Deluxe Revolver coming this fall!

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O frabjous day! Variety reports that Revolver will be the next Beatles album to get the Deluxe treatment, with the box set likely to appear this fall. Which means that by December 26th at the latest, it will be nestling cozily next to my box set of Sgt. Pepper. Yeah, I have that much confidence in Santa. He never lets me down, [...]

From Wabi Sabi: “The Beatles’ Embrace of Absolutely Everything”

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Folks, a longtime HD commenter pointed me to some recent Beatle-related musings on their Substack, which I liked enough to repost here. Enjoy. —MG BY WABI SABI • My favourite music reviewer, George Starostin, has been writing about the Beatles for a long time. On his old site, he takes on both the naivety of the Beatles superfan who thinks the band did [...]

Go read Karen Hooper’s posts!

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Folks, in the midst of scrubbing the pot/CBD-links from our posts, I came across some posts by Karen Hooper, who used to post here. I always found Karen's contributions interesting and valuable, and I would encourage you to browse them. In subsequent years, it seems that Karen's gone one to co-admin Erin Torkelson Weber's fascinating site; and I see they did some [...]

Please help me find weed-related links in our old posts!

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Try hemp oil if you want, just don't put links on this site without paying us. In the course of fixing some broken links, I am discovering that some delightful person has broken into our site and inserted a bunch of text links to pot- and CBD-related stores. For example, Title: Get Back on the Rooftop After Taking Hemp Oil [...]

Allen Ginsberg: “Portland Coliseum” (1965)

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Whenever our commenters start griping about the perception of John Lennon as the leader of the Beatles, I always think of this poem, written by Allen Ginsberg in 1965. It's a good poem...and it also speaks to how people perceived the group in 1965. Reversed to give emphasis, Ginsberg's perception of the members' relative power was just as they were endlessly advertised: [...]

From @meaigs: “Misogyny Aimed At Paul McCartney”

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Frequent commenter @meaigs recently expressed some thoughts about sexual politics and public perception of Paul McCartney, which I asked her to expand into a post. I hope you find her insights as interesting as I did; for me, some things snapped into place that had never made much sense.—MG Paul, facing the Press about LSD, 1967 P aul McCartney is [...]

From Faith Current: The Subversive Madness of Sgt. Pepper

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Folks, this is part 2 of Faith Current's unique, challenging interpretation of The Beatles mid-60s masterpieces. If you haven’t read part 1, do so now. You'll get more out of this post. Enjoy!—MG  Ringo, John, Paul and George looking with the eyes of love, 1967. BY FAITH CURRENT—By December of ‘66, the Great Global Revolver Freak-Out is over. The Beatles [...]

From Faith Current: “The Divine Madness of Revolver”

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  George and John boxed up backstage, Busch Stadium St. Louis, 1966. Large chunks of the Beatle catalog are so celebrated they've become hard to perceive. (Try writing about "Yesterday," for example.) So when someone comes to me with a new angle, I immediately take notice. I find Faith's vision of Revolver and Pepper as twins to be an interesting, [...]

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