"Hey Bulldog" by Fanny

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Earlier today, I was hipped to the group "Fanny" by the excellent website Dangerous Minds. In the comments somebody mentioned that the group did a cover of "Hey Bulldog." I liked it so much I had to share. Super guitar solo.

Covers of the entirety

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Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band Thanks to all who've shared favorite covers on Ed's and my posts! Here's another category: covers of an entire album. Not counting compilations of tracks from various artists or purely instrumental renditions, Sgt. Pepper's alone has been covered at least three times that I know of: by Cheap Trick (live), by Big Daddy, and by the Easy Star All-Stars. Cheap Trick's covers are pretty straight-up versions of the originals, but the Easy Star All-Stars and Big Daddy ring interesting changes on them. Surely You Jest, Mon? A Reggae Sgt Pepper? The Easy Star All-Stars [...]

Two takes on the Beatles

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I collect cover versions of Beatles songs, because I'm fascinated by the variety of artists who have recorded them and the range of instrumentation and styles they employ. Many covers are just okay, some are outright bad, a few are great, and others are pretty well unclassifiable. The two covers I want to share with you today offer very different takes on elements of the Beatles' work that might be described as transcendent.One of the more improbable Beatles cover albums is Dutch musician Louis Van Dyke's pipe-organ-only Louis Van Dyke Plays Lennon-McCartney. I discovered this album through Dave Henderson's book The Beatles Uncovered (Black Book [...]

Christmas Never Knows

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Just heard this on KLOS' Breakfast With The Beatles... As Kate and I perform the annual ritual—opening presents to The Beatles Christmas records—I will be thinking of the people who read this blog, and especially the ones who comment. Our conversations mean a lot to me. May you be strong, well, and happy this day, this week, and this year.

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I Forgot to Remember “I Forgot to Remember to Forget”

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Thinking about favorite unreleased Beatles songs, my mind, like most people's, went right for the studio outtakes. But I was walking across town yesterday with iPod in ears and shuffled right into George's BBC rendition of "I Forgot to Remember to Forget," one of the songs recorded by Elvis Presley at the legendary Sun Sessions. Elvis's version is lachrymose, a tear-in-beer downer to break up the honky-tonk monotony. But the Beatles do it light, and light, it turns out, is right. George tosses off the lost-love lyric with the callow elan of a boy skipping through mud puddles: he's [...]

Introducing…the Indian Beatles!

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Boing Boing pointed me to this post at Bolus which shows just what 1964 wrought. It's not pretty. Are you ready for a Bollywood version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"? I DON'T THINK YOU ARE.Wherever he is, George just threw up in his mouth...Still, I just listened to it twice, and may go back for a third.

Ram’s Resurgence

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[After the millionth insightful comment by our indefatigable Nancy, we asked her if there was anything Beatley burning a hole in her well-furnished brains. This is what she wrote; give her a warm Hey Dullblog welcome.--MG] NANCY CARR • When it was released in 1971, Ram was hated—really hated, to the point of practically being crushed and melted—by many rock critics. Rolling Stone’s Jon Landau inveighed against it as “the nadir in the decomposition of Sixties rock thus far,” calling it “incredibly inconsequential” and “monumentally irrelevant.” Robert Christgau was kinder, giving it a C+ and sniffing “If you’re going to be eccentric, [...]

Covers and covers

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From an L.A. Times piece about a "Worst Album Covers" blog...which also includes the "butcher" cover. What?? Get McKinney on the case!

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