“You Shoulda Been There” Dept.

DEVIN McKINNEY  •  I’d love to know how Legault delivered “Revolution 9.”From Polestar Poetry Series.

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  1. I am unsure what the concept is, here!

    The names aren’t familiar to me, except Jennifer L. Knox, whose DRUNK BY NOON I highly recommend.

  2. (Hope I’m not double-commenting…this is Ed btw)…

    What is the concept here? Poems based on songs? The names are unfamiliar to me save Jennifer L. Knox, whose DRUNK BY NOON is a book I recommend.

  3. I assumed it was a marathon reading of White Album lyrics in the form of poetic performances. Look at the website and it lists evenings organized around poems “inspired by” such albums as Siamese Dream, Nevermind, and Superfly. Whereas the White Album night doesn’t say “inspired by,” it just lists the titles.

    I don’t know nothing about contemporary poetry, but I wondered if any of these names might be logged at Parkus Grammaticus.

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