But who knows where or when

Sweaty John and Paul

Sweaty John and Paul

DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Reach into cyberspace and you’d swear you have a magnet hand. Things just fly into your palm. Like this great shot of two of our best boys in full gorgeous sweat. It just came to me off a Spanish website and bears the legend, Lennon e McCartney em seus melhores momentos.

[MG: “In English: ‘Sweaty John and Paul’.”]

I‘ve never seen the picture before and cannot place its provenance. I therefore pose a puzzle: can anyone devise a plausible guess, from the minimal evidence, as to when, where, and what occasion in the midst of which this was taken? Look at the hair length, the clothing styles, those unfamiliar guitars … Is it Abbey Road, a club, or some unrecorded elsewhere? Who’s the cat in the shades half-hidden in the rear? My guess is circa 1965, but beyond that, I’m flammisched.

Imagine the truth—but imagine it well!

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  1. Mollie Mollie wrote:

    I think that’s Portuguese, actually. A recording session for Crinsk Dees Night?

  2. Avatar solzhi wrote:

    I read somewhere that it was taken during the filming of Help – possibly Austria.

  3. Avatar bcelaya wrote:

    yea, my guess would be that during the filming of Help the boys went out for some night life at a local nightclub and got on stage to perform a bit, using the “house band’s” instruments, in as they are using guitars that aren’t what they usually played- and Paul isn’t playing cuz the available bass would have certainly been a right-handed insturument

  4. Wow, you all sussed that one out in record time! Nice call on the relevant tongue, Mollie — Spanish, Portuguese, it’s all Greek to this Cretin. Solzhi makes the first crack in the coconut: damned if the picture doesn’t look like Help! era, Help! hair and Help! turtlenecks. And Bcelaya splits the thing in two with the best guess imaginable on the circumstance, so good it must be at least as true as the truth. (Though did anyone else note the goofy detail of the Davy Crockett coon-tail hanging off the machine head of that white ’65 Fender Jazzmaster?)

    Thanks, all. The coconut is open, and the milk of mystery pours. Aggghhhhhh, slurp.

  5. I recall there was a discussion on this photo on another site a while back – someone had pinned down the date by finding a reference to the Beatles jamming with a local band after-hours. If I’m not mistaken, it was taken in Germany in 1966 while the Beatles toured there.

  6. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    I can’t offer any insight onto where this was taken but I have seen a second, similar photograph (same gorgeous sweat) but in the second picture, John has a huge grin on his face and he’s staring at Paul. It’s a great shot, too.

  7. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Hello, Anon again. I found a link to that second photograph I mentioned of the two of them. Here it is:


    You might have to cut and paste it, if it breaks oddly, but it’s worth it. Great photo. Less clear than the one you have but it shows what a good time they’re having.

  8. Avatar Julia wrote:

    Yeah, it’s Portuguese. Anyway, my guess is also 1965, I heard in the extras of the Help DVD that during that time they went to a nightclub and played there with the resident band’s instruments.

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