Apple Jam’s take on Lennon & McCartney

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If you wish you could hear a new Lennon/McCartney single, check out Apple Jam’s “On the Wings of a Nightingale” EP. This Seattle Beatles tribute band has a whole album of Lennon/McCartney covers to their credit (“Off the Beatle Track,” a compliation of songs the writing partners gave to other performers). But “On the Wings of a Nightingale” is something special: an opportunity to enjoy music while contributing to a good cause (Seattle Anesthesia Outreach’s work with hospitals in Ethiopia), and to hear the songs done in different Beatlesque styles. (Drummer Alan White, who performed with Lennon, Harrison, and Yes, performs on [...]

As I go round and round in circles

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This seems terribly solipsistic of me—and it is—but Mike asked about this a long time ago and commenter Craig asked about it lately and I got curious for a look back and here it is and it might entertain a couple of you and for the rest at least provide one answer to the question, “What did Mike Gerber mean when he subtitled this blog ‘People Who Think About the Beatles Maybe a Little Too Much’?” A-way back in the Clinton years, I was writing a book about the Beatles and began idly compiling the track list for an [...]

Book Review: “The Beatles & Bournemouth”

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Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth by Nick Churchill 176 pp. Natula Publications, 2011 Reviewed by Devin McKinney The swelling and significant subgenre of Beatles literature dealing with Beatles and place includes tourist guides like The Beatles’ London and The Beatles’ Liverpool that tell you where they walked and drank and sang, what alley, pub, or park backdropped a famous photo. There are books devoted to tours, like Larry Kane’s Ticket to Ride (North America, 1964), Barry Tashian’s Ticket to Ride (ditto, 1966), and Robert Whitaker’s mostly-photographic Eight Days a Week (Germany, Tokyo, Philippines, 1966)—in each of which, the cultural and [...]

Favorite unreleased Beatles track?

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I'm spending incredible amounts of time on another web project, but in the moments before collapsing into bed this evening, I realized how much I like this song: Which unreleased Beatles track do you like best? "Leave My Kitten Alone" is equally great, a worthy addition to Lennon's "I am destroying my throat" catalog. And then there's McCartney's demo for "Come And Get It"—a Number One, sure, but not meaningful enough. Am I off my nut? Could it be that these were the songs that my generation discovered, the ones that were new in the 80s when I was a [...]

“Revolution 1” In The Head

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If only you were here to confirm or deny... DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Mike asked what I thought of the “Revolution 1” Take 20 RM1, so called, that's been burning up Beatleland. I’ve been loving and chewing on this piece of mystery meat since the weekend, and at first assumed it was genuine. Why not: Remember the stripped-down masters of those four Sgt. Pepper songs that appeared almost a year ago? Those were just as crisply digitized, just as thrillingly intimate in their four-track nudity, and no one has credibly claimed they are not genuine. So I figured it was more [...]

More on the Rooftop Concert

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This is an anniversary worth remembering—partly because it reminds us that next year's is the 40th. As Nature Intended is the essential Get Back boot from the great "second wave" of Beatle illicits that hit the market in the early '90s. But then came the third wave—and that crested, and conceivably was capped for all time, by The Complete 2 CD Rooftop Concert, issued on the Yellow Dog label in 2000. It is beyond comprehensive, surrounding the event from all angles and allowing us to hear-"see" it in something like documentary totality. Disc 1 has the complete concert itself, [...]

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"Let It Be" dissected

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Let It Be, Naked or not, makes me itchy; I chalk it up to all the crap vinyl boots I listened to as a kid. But not everybody shares my allergy; an academic from Chicago is poring through the sessions, tape roll by tape roll, on this site. What I've heard so far of Let It Be Dissected, I've found quite interesting, in spite of myself.

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