Michael Gerber
Ya follow?

I‘m spending incredible amounts of time on another web project, but in the moments before collapsing into bed this evening, I realized how much I like this song:

Which unreleased Beatles track do you like best? “Leave My Kitten Alone” is equally great, a worthy addition to Lennon’s “I am destroying my throat” catalog. And then there’s McCartney’s demo for “Come And Get It”—a Number One, sure, but not meaningful enough.

Am I off my nut? Could it be that these were the songs that my generation discovered, the ones that were new in the 80s when I was a teenager? Or am I just a romantic, half-enchanted by what might have been…?

So ‘fess up—which ones do you like? (And yes, you can say “What’s the New Mary Jane”…but I’m not sure I’ll believe you.)