I will never be gainfully employed again

Michael Gerber
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Beatles Rock band is coming!

Soon, soon my little timewaster, you will be mine…

When my wife Kate sent this to me, she wrote, “What got me was how they narrowed John’s nose over time, to show his increasing use of heroin.” Dark Irish, she is.

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  1. Avatar Linda S. wrote:

    Michael ~

    Well, let me get this out of the way: Just tried to play the video posted August 12, 2009 (I love to go rummaging around in the archives). It “does not exist” anymore.

    Here I had assumed that your recent absence was all to do with birthing Issue #2 of American Bystander. Meanwhile, in reality, you were giving birth to the rolling stones (version #2). Glad, for your sake (AND ours), that “it’s all over now” (I’d insert musical notation here, if I knew how). I’m completely chicken-s__t, and would never have survived a like ordeal. I thought that stones were bombed to smithereens by ultrasound these days… no?

    I’m so very glad you’re back, though. Everyone’s contributions in your absence– as ever– were well worth reading. But only you are you. Irreplaceable.

    • Aw. Thank you @Linda. I am sure many commenters over the years disagree with you, but I do appreciate it.

      One handles what one must. I’m sure you would’ve borne up fine.

      I will look into the video. Links die.

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