Beatles singles that never were?

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45 sleeve for Coming Up

45 sleeve for “Coming Up”–very New Wave graphic design

This morning, while listening to LA’s version of “Breakfast with the Beatles”–I grew up with Terri Hemmert on XRT in Chicago, but I think Chris Carter’s show might be even better–I was reminded how John Lennon had been roused to record again by Paul’s single “Coming Up.” Carter said that the first song Lennon wrote in this ego-pricked, ambitious state was “I Don’t Wanna Face It,” which later appeared on Milk and Honey.

That got me thinking: both songs are good, but I think John and Paul working together would’ve made each much, much better. John would’ve contributed a “middle eight” to Paul’s song, giving it more texture (as well as less repetitive and chirpy). Paul would’ve made sure that John’s song was musically developed enough. I always find Lennon’s solo stuff to be about 75% of a song, one hook or piece or twist short; and McCartney’s solo stuff is so musically adept, it emphasizes how bland and guarded the rest of it is.

So…”Coming Up” b/w “I Don’t Wanna Face It”. Which others would you like to have heard?

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  1. Avatar Ed wrote:

    MG, do you mean which songs should merge? Or simply be on opposite sides of the same disclet of vinyl?

  2. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Ed, I mean which solo Beatles songs do you think would’ve been great singles (two songs per 45) for a non-split, or reformed, group.

  3. I take it MG means songs that were roughly contemporaneous, as well? With the more commercial song on the A-side, the minor but surprising pleasure on the B?

    “Instant Karma!” / “Awaiting on You All”
    “What is Life” / “Momma Miss America”
    “If Not for You” / “Too Many People”
    “It Don’t Come Easy” / “I Live for You” (the first Ringo/George single!)
    “Jealous Guy” / “Oh Woman Oh Why”
    “Let Me Roll It” / “Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)”

    “Oh, yes, he’s a definite poss.”

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