Lewisohn’s “Tune In” Extended Edition back in print

Update for anyone who didn’t seize a copy of the two-volume, extended version of Vol 1 of Mark Lewisohn’s definitive biography of the Beatles: due to popular demand, it’s been reprinted and is in stock in the U.K. You can buy a copy here.

My advice is not to sleep on this, if you’re interested. I wouldn’t bet on another reprint.

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  1. Avatar Rob Geurtsen wrote:

    Mmmm I am glad they provide a reprint of ‘Tune In’ ESE. It is entirely worth it, if not more. But a… I have to admit, I bought an extra copy for ’bout €80,– which really is a bargain. Hope the price will go up again. My hunch is that with the next installment of Lewisohn’s biography the publisher will print the ESE-version once again…

  2. Avatar linda a. wrote:

    Wow that’s a great price! If any of you haven’t grabbed it yet now’s your chance! It is worth every penny believe me. I also have the mass market version and I am happy to say there is no comparison! It doesn’t even feel like the same book. There is just SO MUCH more detail and extra information in the extended version. My only worry is that when it’s time for volume two Little Brown may decide to only publish a mass market version of that. I will be so disappointed if that happens.

    • Nancy Carr Nancy Carr wrote:

      Couldn’t agree more about the extended edition being worth it, Linda. And I bet there WILL be an eextended version of volume 2, if volume 1 has sold well enough to be reprinted. I’m just going to be sure to preorder mine as soon as it’s announced!

  3. I have already decided that if the publisher opts with the next volume to not put out an ESE, I’m going to launch a kickstarter to make it happen! I wonder how that would work with regard to Lewisohn’s contract? Surely he must have some option for publishing that massive body of information he has collected beyond just the standard edition. Heck, maybe he could even put up a subscription-based website. Whatever the case, all of that information needs to get out. It’s historically important.

  4. Avatar Drew wrote:

    Linda A: What did you learn from the extended version that wasn’t in the shorter version? Can you give me a few examples? Just curious about how big a difference you think there is between the two and what, specifically, you found that made you feel the extended version was a different book?

    • Avatar Trang Le wrote:

      Well, I’m about 25% done with the first volume and there are more details of course! A few example:

      – John pissed his pants because he had to retain his laugh
      – George got caned by a teacher and his dad smacked the teacher the next day
      – John raised the most money for a school fundraiser by a game called “Prick your teachers” which featured caricatures of the teachers and a few darts.
      – Julia was into self harm… rubbing salt on her wound.

  5. Avatar linda a. wrote:

    Hi Drew, ok first of all the historical period from 1864, to the period when their parents were born is minutely detailed for each family and goes on for probably hundreds of pages. It could be a book in itself. The mass market version breezes over this period. That’s when I realized that this was going to be a very different book. Mark does this with every section. As I was reading I realized that I couldn’t even find the mass market version amid all of the detail. It’s there somewhere but it’s buried under the hundred of pages of extra detail about everything. Most people loved the fact that the mass market version had a lot of information on Ringo. Well the extended version has even more! Many people were disappointed that Mark didn’t seem to include the same detail about George and Paul. Well they wrong. The extended version goes into so much about Paul and George, that for the first time I actually feel I have a strong knowledge of who they really were as people at that time. It seems the mass market version was edited down to nothing compared to the extended version , especially in regards to Paul and George. Drew the book is brilliant. In fact I plan on selling my other Beatles biographies because I feel they are useless compared to Lewisohn’s. IMO Tune In extended version the only Beatles biography you really need.

  6. ok first of all the historical period from 1864, to the period when their parents were born is minutely detailed for each family and goes on for probably hundreds of pages.

    Well, no, the section entitled “1845-1939: Looking Back, Shapes of Things to Come” goes on for a little over 40 pages. It’s right there in the table of contents. But that’s still plenty enough detail.

  7. Avatar linda a wrote:

    I didn’t have the book in front of me and I’m not currently reading it. I was estimating from memory. My point was that there is a lot more detail…pages and pages of extra detail.

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