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Folks, many of you have asked for the ability to add images, video, and other files to your comments, so I have shelled out the princely sum of $25 and bought an addon that does that very thing.

I would love it if our comments regularly contained supporting materials — this would make them an even more useful reflection of the aggregate intelligence of our commentariat. If you think of it, why not add something to a favorite comment of yours, or to a thread you feel would be enriched?

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  1. Avatar Ruthie Rader wrote:

    “Hands across the water…heads across the sky.”

  2. Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

    thanks for doing this, Mike. Just experimentin’.

  3. Avatar Kim wrote:


  4. Avatar ChelseaQW wrote:

    did the guys just come from the sex offender bookstore? wtf?

  5. Avatar Hologram Sam wrote:

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