What to do in Liverpool?

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Woman and Lennon statue

“I’ve got my eye on you, Lennon.”

Folks, my friend Ben Orlin just wrote to say that he and his wife are taking a daytrip to Liverpool tomorrow. He knows I struggle with Chronic Recurrent Beatlemania (CRB), so he kindly asked, “Anything you want me to photograph/purchase/graffiti for you?”

Of course I’m wilting under the pressure — I’m a writer, not an improvisor, for God’s sake — but I thought Dullblog’s teeming millions might have some good ideas.

1) What should Ben photograph?
2) Any Beatle purchases that aren’t cheesy, aren’t expensive, and that can be shipped Stateside?
3) Any of you Banksy wannabes have an itch you want Ben to scratch?

Put ’em in the comments.

PS — A housekeeping note. Following my pleas for help, we are poised to reach 25,000 pageviews for January. This is a leap of 250% over our next biggest month! It’s all due to readers sharing posts via Facebook and StumbleUpon (especially StumbleUpon). Thank you so much; more readers allows Dullblog to be more helpful to the authors and musicians and general Beatlepeedles who write us seeking aid and assistance. It’s rougher than ever to make a living as a writer or musician, so your help spreading our reach is quite deeply appreciated.

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  1. Avatar Bill in Texas wrote:

    will you be near the Art school? (is it still standing?) I’m currently reading the Lewisohn “Tune In”, and that first volume spends a lot of time on the formative years when John, Paul & George were students and the Art school period is so evocative. Imagine them- teenagers with all that entails- hanging out in the halls/cafeteria/yards, slagging off like any young student would, complaining about their parents and their acne, talking about the latest records from the States & talking music and guitars, eyeing the pretty girls, smoking, and observing talented artists around the school (like Stu) who took their work seriously & put effort into making it better. All these experiences, day after day, were critical in making them who they turned into. I find the art school years fascinating. If you happen by there, yea, a photo would be much appreciated

  2. Avatar Dan wrote:

    Do what the Beatles did – get out of Liverpool as soon as possible and go to London.

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