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ED PARK • This passed me by, for the first 50 listens: Jens Lekman’s “Friday Night at the Drive-In” features the line: “My heart is beating, beating like Ringo.” Very nice!

In other related audio news….
The Poetry Foundation’s UbuWeb podcast discusses Aspen, an amazing-sounding publication (dreamt up on a ski slope) that wanted to be the first “three-dimensional magazine.” Listen to a little snippet of Yoko Ono’s contribution, “No Bed for Beatle John,” as well as John’s contribution…in which he fiddles with a radio dial!

Finally, Dullblogger Hua’s radio show, the Finer Things Club, can be listened to here at WVKR every Tuesday from 11-12 EST…He promises to spin a rare Beatles cover every week. (I’m sure he’ll have more to say about it soon—watch this space!)

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  1. Avatar John wrote:

    In the mini-genre of songs that name-check Ringo (I’m guessing it’s a pretty mini-genre), I can volunteer “The Lines You Amend” by Canadian power-pop foursome Sloan, off their ’96 album “One Chord to Another”: “You always come to mind whenever I hear that song / The one about photographs sung by Ringo Starr / Especially in the chorus part.” In the liner notes to a live album of theirs that also features this tune, the author helpfully points out that this refers to the song … “Photograph”!

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