Psychedelia in the UK: "A Technicolor Dream"

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Inside the "Ally Pally," for The 14-Hour Technicolor Dream, 1967 Any of you that have been interested by my burblings on "psychedelia"—by which I mean the whole gestation, birth and decay of the flower-power movement—will be interested in a video I streamed from Netflix last night: "A Technicolor Dream." It documents the UK scene: the Albert Hall poetry reading in 1965; the Indica bookstore; IT; The London Free School; UFO; and finally the Fourteen Hour Technicolor Dream on April 30, 1967. Lots of Beatles-related stuff in here, from McCartney's right-hand Miles, to footage of a very stoned John Lennon. Here's [...]

Double Fantasy Live: Follow-Up

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Yoko Ono and Siouxsie wrap up Meltdown with Walking On Thin Ice. Since I posted about the prospect of Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon doing Double Fantasy live, I wanted to post this link to a review of the performance. Sounds like Sean was just in the band. Carry on --

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Sean to play "Double Fantasy": cool or creepy?

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NANCY CARR • According to this article in the New Musical Express, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will be touring together this summer, with one of the scheduled events being the performance of Double Fantasy in its entirety. (That will be at the Royal Festival Hall  in London on June 23, closing out the Meltdown Festival.) Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think it's great for artists to play music they've worked on live for people who will enjoy it—especially when that music wasn't played live when it was released. For that reason I'm all in favor [...]

"The mopheads or whatever"

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Yoko Ono and an apple, 1966. Browsing in a used bookstore last night, I came across this quote in Rolling Stone Raves: What Your Rock & Roll Favorites Favor (1999): Yoko Ono: "No, I didn't know any of [the Beatles' music when I met John Lennon.] I had heard about the band, the mopheads or whatever. I knew that they were making a big impact on people, like a social phenomenon. I just never got around to listening to their music." [1992] My first reaction was "Wow." I mean, I knew Yoko was no Beatles fan when she met Lennon, [...]

Yoko Ono on the Breakup

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"They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like," quoth the Yoko, via The Huffington Post. The interview's from 1987, and it's from Rolling Stone, so we can expect it to be simple-minded and St. Lennon-ish; but this canard deserves a bit of scorn. Can I? Thanks.Oh what a shame it was for Paul to run roughshod over those other three grown men, forcing stuff like "Hey Jude" and Abbey Road on the world. Why, instead of wasting all that time, John and Yoko could've given 500 more interviews, and filmed countless more asses. Or John could've continued to explore [...]

John in "Nether-Nether Land"?

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Commenter CMO#9 writes (slightly edited by me): I've been reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair and there is a profile of the late war correspondent Marie Colvin. The article mentions that growing up, Colvin idolized The New York Times war correspondent Gloria Emerson. That name should ring a bell for some of you and I have no doubt that you are familiar with her brief but polarizing entry into John's life, Michael. I believe it was either 1969 or 1970 when Ms. Emerson interviewed John (and Yoko) at Apple. She basically calls him a fool for him believing that his songs [...]

The unexpected from Ono and McCartney

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NANCY CARR • I think Michael’s comments on the previous post about Paul McCartney’s seeking to entertain an audience, while Yoko Ono seeks to instruct one, are right on the mark and help clarify why people frequently can’t stand one or the other of them. What I find interesting about their respective tendencies is that both do their best work  (in my opinion, of course) when they ease off those attitudes. When McCartney worries less about whether people will like what he does, and when Ono expresses her musical gifts without apparent concern for whether the results sound explicitly experimental, they sound [...]

Real or fake?

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I've been wrong before, but the man doesn't look like Lennon to me, I've never seen any other shots from this shoot, there are no historical markers to check, and the woman's hair seems to hide her face rather too conveniently. Is this really a shot of John kneeling before Yoko? What say you, commentariat? "I'm not worthy!" But then again, I'm a big believer in the awesome power of Photoshop... You call it harassment, I call it guerilla marketing.

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