Michael Gerber
Ya follow?

I hope our Dear Leader, Mike, will excuse me for posting this…

I was flipping through a recent-ish New Yorker and came across an article about parodies, written by Louis Menand. Reviewing the anglocentric new Oxford Book of Parodies, Menand cites Bret Easton Ellis and continues: “Many other Americans could receive nominations: Framk Cammuso for ‘Glengarry Glen Plaid’; Michael Gerber and Jonathan Schwarz, for ‘What We Talk About When We Talk about Doughnuts’…”

What a great piece that was! It appeared in The New Yorker‘s pages; here is the “abstract” from the magazine’s archives. It is pretty hilarious even in this abbreviated form—a must for all readers of Raymond Carver and Michael Gerber!

ABSTRACT: SHOUTS & MURMURS parody of Raymond Carver (title refers to Carver’s short story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”)… Narrator describes sitting in a kitchen talking with Jim Forrer, a professional fish measurer… The two couples were pointedly drinking and smoking… Their main discussion point was doughnuts. Jim thought that real doughnuts were nothing less than spiritual doughnuts… Describes a fight between Jim and Lisa about whether he ate doughnuts at lunch. When I met Jim he was still married to Nancy, his forty-fifth wife. They had been very much in love, but one day she inhaled too much helium and just floated away… “Hold on a second, hon,” Carol said to Lisa. She turned to me. “Do you want to get divorced?” “O.K.,” I said. Carol and I left and got divorced. Then we cam back with our new spouses, Dave and Terri. We all sat there talking, the six of us in the dark. We went on talking and talking, even after the gin ran out. Talking about doughnuts. Talking about doughnuts in the dark.