Hey Jude by Tiny Tim and the Brave Combo

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UPDATE: Such is the awesome power of Dullblog, that the video of Hey Jude by Tiny Tim has been taken down less than 12 hours after this post. In its place, I offer Tim’s version of “Girl,” which should give you a flavor. Anybody who finds a link to “Hey Jude,” lemme know and I’ll replace it.

Just to be absolutely clear, I love that we live in a world where Tiny Tim existed; if he hadn’t existed, I would’ve longed to invent him. And I’m glad there are people who like his work. But…

Brave” is the word I’d apply to anyone who clicks on this video. Could a Beatle cover be worse than this one? (Cue opening floodgates…)

As I was posting this, I thought of how different history might have been if this was the acetate Paul had whipped out in 1968. It would’ve one-upped “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” but in a totally different way. [This is the story I’m referencing, in Paul’s words, from Many Years From Now:

“The end refrain was never a separate song. I remember taking it down to a late night hashish-smoking club in a basement in Tottenham Court Road: the Vesuvio club. We were sitting around on bean bags as was the thing. I said to the DJ, ‘Here’s an acetate. Do you want to slip it in some time during the evening?’ He played it, and I remember Mick Jagger coming up: ‘Fuckin’ ‘ell, fuckin’ ‘ell. That’s something else, innit? It’s like two songs.’ It wasn’t intended to go on that long at the end but I was having such fun ad-libbing over the end when we put down the original track that I went on a long time. So then we built it with the orchestra but it was mainly because I just wouldn’t stop doing all that ‘Judy judy judy – wooow!’ Cary Grant on heat!”


H/t to @Gibson. Blame him. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Gibson (recent guest contributor) wrote:

    I am glad to accept the blame. I unashamedly enjoy this, *and* even picture a funny music video with Paul and Ringo doing the cha-cha with them.

  2. Avatar evilpants wrote:

    The video has already been taken down. That bad?

  3. Avatar Gibson (recent guest contributor) wrote:

    Is it missing, though? 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-NwsWuARqo

  4. Avatar evilpants wrote:

    Thanks for the new link Gibson. I’ve got to say, I love it! It’s a lot of fun, and as long as you approach it in that frame of mind, you can enjoy it.

    I speak as the guy who feels a real ache inside when the violins start at 4:35 on the original version: they play a single note, a C, from then until the end, and it really does trigger a longing in me, and I’ve never known, or cared, why. My point is, the Beatles version has a huge emotional impact on me, even that one single note, so if I can have fun hearing a cover version like this, it gives everyone else permission to let go and enjoy the silliness too 🙂

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