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Michael Gerber
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Nineteen sixty-eight has been called the year America came apart, and I personally think this Joe Pesci Beatles cover might have been the reason. Listen at your own risk.

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  1. Karen Hooper Karen Hooper wrote:

    I love Joe as an actor (he made the “Goodfellas” movie, IMO), but dang, he better not quit his day job!

  2. Avatar Beasty Glanglemutton wrote:

    Am I funny?
    Am I a clown?
    Am I here just to amuse yoooooooooooooooooo?

  3. Chris Dingman Chris Dingman wrote:

    This is not good, but it’s better than I expected. Oh, wait, he just sang the chorus.

  4. Avatar Gibson (recent guest contributor) wrote:

    I hate to be “that guy,” but… is it really that horrible? People making comments like “Don’t quit your day job” or “It was great till the chorus” seem to be hyperbolizing *just* a little.

    Once you get past the fact that it is unmistakably Joe Pesci’s voice, he’s not by any means a powerhouse singer, but he’s not *terrible*. His notes are on pitch, he’s in key… we’re not exactly talking William Hung or Mrs. Miller, are we?

    I mean, sure it’s not particularly *exciting* (especially that awful “Best of the Sixties Knock-Offs” arrangement happening behind him with strings, brass, decorative keyboard, and precious little stabs of rhythm guitar), but he sings it well enough, and his trying to put a rock spin on the vocal line in the chorus is just that — him trying to add a rock inflection where Paul added one.

    I’ve heard much worse covers of Beatles songs, for damn sure. (One that is so horrible it crosses over into enjoyment just from shock value is Tiny Tim and The Brave Combo’s odd cha-cha rendition of “Hey Jude.” Listen at your own risk, folks!)

  5. Avatar Water Falls wrote:

    Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. This tickled me!
    Joe, you’re funny, you’re a clown, you amuse me! (chuckles) Ouch!

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