John or Paul

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Reader Nicole wrote in yesterday: "Sometimes I think I will scream the next time I hear or see Lennon VERSUS McCartney. However, this video has gained a little traction in the past day and it really interests me. Lennon storms it, but it's the way people answer and their reasons (sometimes given, sometimes not) which are the interesting bit, to be honest. Note the apologetic way some people answer McCartney, for example. Highly recommend it, not for stirring up contention between fans of either of them but because who answers, what their answer is, and why they answer the way they do [...]

Do female Beatles fans understand John and Paul better?

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Is everybody seeing the same thing? Even close? Commenter Linda asked a provocative question this morning which I felt was worth its own post. I'll paraphrase it: Do you think that female Beatle fans see the relationship between John and Paul more clearly, more accurately, more totally than male Beatle fans do? Here's Linda's comment: Do more women than men see the John and Paul relationship for what it really was? That is, not simply a “rivalry” or two “business partners” who were “very different” and just about every other person in their orbits were more important to them than [...]

Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lennon and McCartney (Take 3)

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Nancy & Mike, I feel like Peggy Lee: Is that all there is? If The Atlantic put this on the cover, it must have been a slow cycle, without much happening in the world. Or maybe they just needed a shot of Beatles magic in the rump. “The Power of Two” isn’t a waste of time, because it gives us all a chance to engage in more Beatle chatter, and is further evidence, or suggestion, that the Beatles will not dematerialize into nostalgic ether when the Baby Boomers pass from our midst. But taking the piece on its intrinsic, not incidental merits, [...]

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Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lennon and McCartney (Take 2)

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Hello there Nancy (and everybody)— Mike here. Nice post, Nancy; thanks. Here are some more thoughts spurred by The Atlantic's Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lennon and McCartney, perhaps too many. "I read The Atlantic, mmkay?" First of all, Shenk’s piece struck me as typical magazine journalism in the post-Gladwell age — well-written and not factually wrong, but persistently unambitious, only revelatory to somebody who hasn’t really thought about anything but TPS reports since the late 1990s. You know the drill: writer declares something to be conventional wisdom — Shenk even goes to Wikipedia for it — then demolishes it via a catchphrased [...]

Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lennon and McCartney (Take 1)

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[Beloved HD readers: We're trying something a little new here, a call-and-response. This is my take on a recent piece in The Atlantic by Joshua Wolf Shenk on Lennon and McCartney. Soon Mike and/or Devin will chime in with posts of their own. -- Nancy Carr] What hath Malcolm Gladwell wrought? Thith. Hi Mike and Devin, I just finished reading Joshua Wolf Shenk’s Atlantic cover story on the Lennon/McCartney partnership, and while it has its flaws, I'm glad to see John and Paul presented as full collaborators. How crazy is it that it's necessary to argue that the entire Lennon/McCartney songbook [...]

Getting (a bit) better — and a Minus 5 cover

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The past few weeks have found us spending time and (virtual) ink on some pretty dark themes -- the Lennon/McCartney musical feud of the early 70s and Albert Goldman's resolutely dirt-seeking biography of Lennon. But hey, it's spring! Here in Chicago it's finally stopped being 30 degrees, the sun is out, some (admittedly small) green shoots are emerging from the ground . . . . it's a time of at least some hopefulness.So, in that spirit, I invite you to listen to the Minus 5's cover of "Dear Friend," the song on Wings' debut album in which Paul responds to John's "How [...]

David Bailey shoots Brian Epstein and the Beatles

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Devin just posted this wonderful photo of Brian Epstein on Facebook. When I asked him about it, he told me it was taken by David Bailey. Which led me, as the internet does, to this shot of BE from Bailey's famous 1964 Box of Pinups: Also in Box of Pinups was this photo below, my all-time favorite John and Paul shot. (John himself preferred another shot from the same session.) I adore David Bailey photos of The Beatles—and lots of other things, too. You can find many photos from Box of Pinups in this photoset. Well worth looking through if you love Swinging [...]

Lennon on McCartney and Ono: interview recordings newly available

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We're rolling, John Salon is highlighting interview recordings made by Cass Calder Smith, including a few with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, that are now available via iTunes. Two Lennon/Ono excerpts are available for free streaming here. Smith was a New York radio host when he made the tapes; he's now in his mid-70s, and his son has taken over the project of releasing the interviews. One of the Lennon interviews was conducted by Smith the day "Imagine" went on sale. Smith evidently told Lennon that when he played "How Do You Sleep?" on his radio show, "a lot of [...]

Before "Toot and a Snore"

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The act you've known for all these years, in Santa Monica, 1974. Here are some photos from — the last photo of John and Paul — taken at Peter Lawford's old beach house here in Santa Monica. Whenever I want to bask in some ghosts (Marilyn and Jack! Marilyn and Bobby! Nilsson and Baron Von Moon!) I bike down six blocks; the house is right on the PCH. It's surprisingly small; glamour required less square-footage back in those days. Anyway, according to Retronaut, these were taken in March 1974, at the time of the infamous "A Toot And a Snore" [...]

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